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If you are a student and you're looking for an on-campus job or an off-campus community service job, you've come to the right place!  Please browse the database below and take note of any position you may be interested in.  You'll need to proceed through the Hiring Process prior to beginning work. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information. As new positions become available, the database will be updated.
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Job TitleDepartmentCWS positonsRegular positionsGrant PositionsDate posted
Homework GraderMath and Computer Appl01009-01-2015
Department Secretary's AssistantSociology11009-01-2015
Department Secretary's AssistantHistory11009-01-2015
Holocaust Education And Programming Center InternHistory00609-01-2015
Faculty Secretary's AssistantHumanities21009-01-2015
Lab AssistantPhysical Sciences33009-01-2015
Swim Lessons Instructor Athletics00809-01-2015
Athletics Event Staff Athletics2010009-01-2015
Biology Research /General Assistant Biological Sciences20008-31-2015
Lab MonitorsArt10008-31-2015
Drawing Lab MonitorArt10008-31-2015
Design/Color Studio Lab MonitorArt10008-31-2015
Ceramic/Sculpture Studio Lab MonitorArt10008-31-2015
Film/Media Studies Equipment MonitorArt10008-31-2015
ACT Children's Theatre Director's AssistantExternal/Summer Programs01008-31-2015
ACT Children's Theatre Teaching AssistantExternal/Summer Programs01008-31-2015
Academy Of Arts Class MonitorExternal/Summer Programs01008-31-2015
ACT Class MonitorExternal/Summer Programs10008-31-2015
Senior Student AssistantFinancial Aid01008-29-2015
Student AssistantFinancial Aid01008-29-2015
Student AssistantFinancial Aid20008-29-2015
Office AssistantHealth & Wellness50008-29-2015
Library AssistantLibrary50008-29-2015
Research Technology TutorLibrary40008-29-2015
Office AssistantStaten Island Reading Association20008-29-2015
Student Administrastive AssistantEducation20008-29-2015
Student Front Desk AttendantsResidential Education5510008-29-2015
Office AssistantResidential Education40008-29-2015
Museum AssistantThe Alice Austen House Museum10008-29-2015
Education AssistantThe Alice Austen House Museum20008-29-2015
HelpDesk Student Worker Tier 1Information Technology23008-29-2015
HelpDesk Student Worker Tier 2Information Technology32008-29-2015
Administrative AssistantCampus Operations10008-29-2015
ClerkPostal Center11008-29-2015
HR ClerkHuman Resources21008-29-2015
Accounting AssistantFinance & Business Office11008-29-2015
Student Accounts AssistantFinance & Business Office11008-29-2015
Homework Help Activity SpecialistAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Facility AideAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Project AideAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Youth CounselorAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Development AssistantAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Music CoachAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Business Coach African Refuge20008-29-2015
Health AideAfrican Refuge20008-29-2015
Nutritional And Pantry Aide African Refuge20008-29-2015
Bonner LeadersCTR Leadership/Service21008-27-2015