Dr. Karen DeMoss

Professor, Education Department

B.A. Austin College, English
M.A. Texas A&M University, English
Ph.D. University of Chicago, Education Administration and Policy Studies

Contact and Office Hours

Office: Campus Hall 332
Phone: 718.420.4070
Email: karen.demoss@wagner.edu
Office Hours: On campus nearly every day.  See my calendar to make an appointment.

Courses Taught

ED 624:  Advanced Research
ED 699:  Action Research and Practicum
ED 700:  Organizational Change
ED 701:  Educational Leadership I
ED 706:  Educational Leadership II

Academic, Teaching, and Professional Interests

My work focuses on issues of school reform and education policy, with a particular emphasis on creating and ensuring systems that serve under-represented youth.  I have worked in both academia and in the non-profit school reform sector, advocating for new roles for postsecondary institutions in addressing our nation’s educational challenges.  As National Director for Research and Evaluation at New Leaders for New Schools, I researched linkages between leadership, accountability policies, and student achievement, providing input into federal K-12 education policy; as an academic, I have led statewide public input for research on education financing as part of the American Institute for Research (AIR) project on New Mexico’s school finance adequacy; as a consultant, I have conducted internationally recognized work on how the arts support student learning; as a Center Director, I have supported under-represented youth in college access and success, and worked with high-need high schools to support teacher-led change teams in efforts to create better schools.  What unites all my interests is a commitment to bringing quality educational opportunities to all youth, regardless of background and most particularly for those historically underserved by our educational system.

Selected Presentations, Grants, and Publications

Borden, A., S. Preskill, K. DeMoss (2012).  A New Turn Toward Learning for Leadership: Findings from an Exploratory Coursework Pilot Project. Journal of Research on Leadership Education.

DeMoss, K.  (2008).  Arts education in urban centers:  Assessing processes and outcomes related to arts learning environments.  Evaluating the Impact of Arts and Cultural Education.  La Documentation francaise, Centre Pompidou, Paris.  Also published in French.

DeMoss, K., C. Wood & R. Howell  (2006). Eliminating isolation to foster learner centered leadership: Lessons from rural schools and research universities.  In A. Danzig, B. Wright, K. Borman, & B. Jones, Eds.  Professional Development for Learner-Centered Leadership:  Policy, Research, and Practice. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

DeMoss, K. (2004).  Political contexts and education finance litigation: Towards a methodology for comparative state-level analyses. In K. DeMoss and K. Wong, Eds. Money, Politics, and Law: Intersections and Conflicts in the Provision of Educational Opportunity.  Annual Yearbook of the American Education Finance Association. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

DeMoss, K. & K. Wong (2004). Money, Politics, and Law: Intersections and Conflicts in the Provision of Educational Opportunity.  Annual Yearbook of the American Education Finance Association. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

Chen, J., P, Horsch, with K. DeMoss & S. Wagner. (2003)  Effective Partnering for School Change: Improving Early Childhood Education in Urban Classrooms. New York: Teachers College Press.

DeMoss, K. (2003). Who’s accountable to the constitution? Thirty years of judicial politics in state education finance litigation. Peabody Journal of Education 78(4) 44-65.

DeMoss, K. (2002).  Leadership styles and high-stakes testing: Principals make a difference.  Education and Urban Society35(1) 110-131.

Karen DeMoss CV

Selected Awards, Honors, and Service

  • AERA Dissertation Award winner, Division A, 2001
  • Member of the national PARCC Educational Leadership Team, exploring implementation issues and opportunities for the PARCC exam
  • Policy co-chair, Mobility Shifts international conference on the future of learning, 2011
  • Multiple  College and University task forces and committees