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If you are a student and you're looking for an on-campus job or an off-campus community service job, you've come to the right place!  Please browse the database below and take note of any position you may be interested in.  You'll need to proceed through the Hiring Process prior to beginning work. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information. As new positions become available, the database will be updated.
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Job TitleDepartmentCWS positionsRegular positionsGrant PositionsDate posted
Carey Institute TranscriberEducation02004-26-2016
HLC Transcription Education02004-18-2016
Grant Research AssistantsEducation00304-18-2016
Event Photographer - Civic Engagement RecognitionCTR Leadership/Service01003-07-2016
Museum AssistantCommunity Service (FA)10002-23-2016
Student AssistantFinancial Aid10002-01-2016
Bonner ScholarsCTR Leadership/Service1818001-15-2016
Box Office AssistantTheatre and Speech02001-15-2016
Phone Program Student CallerDevelopment09001-15-2016
Writing Intensive TutorCenter for Academic and Career Engagement513001-15-2016
Student Desk AttendantsResidential Education7010001-15-2016
LEAD Program MentorCtr/Intercultural Advanc06012-14-2015
Stanley Drama Award Administrative AssistantArts Administration10009-28-2015
PRP Literacy TutorPort Richmond Project05009-03-2015
Athletic Academic TutorAthletics03009-02-2015
Intramural FacilitatorsCo-Curricular Programs40009-02-2015
HawkTalk DirectorAdmissions01009-01-2015
Lab AssistantPhysical Sciences33009-01-2015
Swim Lessons Instructor Athletics00809-01-2015
ACT Children's Theatre Teaching AssistantExternal/Summer Programs01008-31-2015
Research Technology TutorLibrary40008-29-2015