Undergraduate Studies

The Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts

Wagner College has developed a curriculum that unites deep learning and practical application. The Wagner Plan incorporates our longstanding commitment to the liberal arts, experiential learning and interdisciplinary education with our geographical location and enduring bond with New York City.

Beginning their very first semester at Wagner, students not only study issues and learn critical-thinking, writing and problem-solving skills, but they also see and practice what they are learning. This "practical" side of liberal education is clearly seen in our Learning Communities and Reflective Tutorials and in the investment faculty make in connecting students with the world outside the classroom.

Under the Wagner Plan, students complete a liberal arts core program and a major, totaling 36 units/courses. As part of these requirements, students complete three Learning Communities (LC's)-one in the first year, one during the intermediate years, and one in the senior year in the major.

For students admitted to the Honors Program, courses are designed to stimulate and challenge them intellectually and to offer exceptional academic and co-curricular opportunities. Honors courses are more challenging, involve more discussion/debate, and often (if not always) require longer and more in depth research papers and oral presentations by students. The Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Wagner Plan Faculty

  • Prof. Patricia Tooker, RN, MSN, FNP
  • Prof. Patricia Tooker, RN, MSN, FNP
    Dean of Integrated Learning, Associate Professor
    Union 3rd floor
  • Dr. Alexa S. Dietrich
  • Dr. Alexa S. Dietrich
    First Year Program Coordinator, Associate Professor of Antropology
    718 420 4313
    Parker Hall 209