Residential Education

Welcome to the Office of Residential Education!¬† We’re here to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive residential community that supports and challenges student growth and development through educational, social, and leadership opportunities.

For more information please contact our Central Office at 718-390-3420 or email

Residential Education Senior Staff


Julie-Jo Stanton

Assistant Director of Res. Ed, Residential Education

718-420-4467 B3 Towers Hall

Leticia Romero

Administrative Assistant, Residential Education

718-390-3420 Towers Hall B Tower

JeanMarie DeLuca

Resident Director - Towers, Residential Education

718-390-3495 Towers Hall D3

Ryan Nolen

Resident Director - HVH, Residential Education


Rindaanne Riccio

Resident Director, Residential Education


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