Academic Honesty Committee


  • To investigate allegations of academic dishonesty against students enrolled at the College.
  • To conduct academic honesty hearings.
  • To determine appropriate sanctions for students who have been found to have violated the College’s policy.
  • To define the College’s policies towards academic honesty.

Membership Criteria:
The AHC is composed of five full–time faculty members, typically from different divisions, and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. (If the College has no Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee will fulfill the responsibilities of the Associate Provost.) Each faculty member will serve a three–year term, and no more than two terms will be served consecutively by any faculty member. For hearings, the committee chair recruits a pool of non-voting student representatives proposed by the Associate Dean of Campus Life and/or the President of the Student Government Association. Eligibility for this student participation is limited to full-time students in good standing with no prior violations of academic honesty or community standards policy. Of the five faculty members, one of them shall be nominally considered to be the chair of the committee. This will be determined by a mutual agreement among all of the voting members of the committee.

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