Academic Policy Committee

Responsibilities The Academic Policy Committee is responsible for:

  • reviewing current academic programs
  • reviewing all recommendations regarding faculty position requests based upon curricular needs in collaboration with the Priority and Budget Committee
  • conducting initial reviews and making recommendations for new programs
  • reviewing all courses for meeting distribution requirements
  • evaluating all course changes in existing programs
  • evaluating course changes needed to implement new programsreviewing all new course proposals
  • receiving reports from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding workloads and visiting positions

Membership Criteria The Academic Policy Committee consists of five voting members of the full–time faculty, one from each of the five Divisions. The Provost, or designee, and the Registrar serve on the committee as non–voting members. Other members of the Administration or Faculty may regularly attend with permission of the Committee.  In addition, one student may serve as a non–voting member. The Committee elects its own chair. An Academic Policy Committee member must be a full–time member of the Faculty who holds the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. Except in unusual circumstances, normally the majority of committee members are tenured members of the Faculty. The Committee of the Whole elects members to the Academic Policy Committee at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year. The elections are staggered to prevent more than three persons from beginning their committee service in the same year. The term of service is three years, with the possibility of re–election for a second term. Forms