Committee for Learning Assessment

The Wagner College Faculty has committed itself to using a systematic learning assessment plan to address the following two questions:

  • Does Wagner College present courses/formats/settings that allow students to meet the learning goals as found in the Wagner College Undergraduate Bulletin?
  • Do Wagner College students achieve the learning goals?

To serve this end, the Committee for Learning Assessment is responsible for:

  • serving as a resource function and
  • assisting academic Departments and other policy–making bodies in coordinating the assessment of all academic curricular and co-curricular programs.

Membership Criteria
The Committee for Learning Assessment consists of five full–time faculty. The Provost, the Associate Provost for Assessment, and the Dean of Campus Life and Engagement serve on the committee as non–voting members. Wagner faculty elect to the CLA one member of each academic divisions.
A CLA member must be a full–time member of the Faculty who holds the rank of Assistant Professor or higher. The terms of office are staggered to prevent more than four persons from beginning their committee service in the same year. The team of service is three years, with the possibility of re–election to a second term.