Faculty Personnel Committee

The Faculty Personnel Committee is responsible for:

  • evaluating faculty members for reappointment, promotion, and tenure and forwarding its recommendations to the Provost
  • receiving and evaluating faculty requests for sabbaticals, leaves of absence for scholarlypurposes, Faculty Aid Funds, Faculty Research Funds, and funds to attend professional meetings, and evaluating the written report of such activity
  • with the Provost and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, receiving and evaluating applications for Faculty Exceptional Performance Awards and selecting the awardees

The Provost shall meet with the Committee to discuss its recommendations, which will be subsequently forwarded to him/her for decision.

Membership Criteria
The Faculty Personnel Committee consists of five tenured members of the full–time faculty who hold the rank of Full or Associate Professor. The Committee of the Whole elects to the FPC one member from each of the academic Divisions. The Faculty Personnel Committee shall elect its own Chair.
Elections are staggered to prevent more than three persons beginning their committee service simultaneously. The term of office for a faculty member on this committee is three years, with the possibility of re–election for one additional term.
A member of the Faculty Personnel Committee shall not be eligible for promotion while serving on the committee. In the event of a vacancy on this committee, the Committee of the Whole shall elect a successor at the earliest opportunity. In those cases where it is known at the beginning of the academic year that a member cannot complete the full year, a new member shall be elected to fill the position at the beginning of the academic year.