Provost's Fall Welcome Letter and Important Information for the 2017-2018 Academic Year (Under Construction)

Provost's Fall Welcome Letter (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Provost’s Fall Welcome Letter:  Provost Letter, August 2016

August 2016

Dear Colleagues:

As we welcome the last few weeks of summer, some of us are putting finishing touches on course syllabi while others are taking that last break before the academic year begins. Many of us are cherishing each day of sunshine and warm weather, whether we are here in Staten Island (enjoying a “staycation”!) or at locales more distant.  Wherever you are, I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits.

By now you have heard from Dean Dorothy Davison that she is retiring from Wagner College on August 31.  Dean Davison has been an outstanding campus leader, always championing the faculty’s research and instructional efforts.  She has served the Wagner community for 17 years, and her commitment to student learning, faculty scholarship, and digital advances has been exemplary.  Dennis Schaub will serve as Interim Dean of the Library, effective September 1.  All of you who know Dennis know that he, like Dorothy, is a consummate professional.  We will miss Dorothy tremendously, but know that she has left the Horrmann Library in good hands.  Please join me in wishing Dean Davison all the best as she retires.

After serving for five years as the Dean for Integrated Learning, Professor Pat Tooker will be stepping down this fall to take a much-deserved sabbatical.  Pat will return to the Evelyn Spiro School of Nursing full-time as a faculty member in Spring 2017.  I have asked Dr. Sarah Donovan to serve as Interim Dean for Integrated Learning this year, and I am pleased to announce that she has accepted this new role.  Pat has been an exceptional leader in supporting and advancing the Wagner Plan, and she will be missed!

Dr. Steve Jenkins, who was recently awarded the Faculty Award for Exceptional Performance in Teaching, will give the keynote address at the Convocation on August 30 at 7 pm.  All faculty are invited to a BBQ dinner on Sutter Oval at 6 pm that evening; we will then line up and begin processing into the Spiro Sports Center at 6:45 pm.  We’re looking forward to beginning the new academic year with the Class of 2020 as we collectively reaffirm the significance of a liberal arts education.  All first year students will participate in this final event of Orientation 2016.

At the May 2016 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the following faculty were approved for tenure and promotion:

Ann Gazzard, Ph.D. (Education Department):
Dr. Gazzard was promoted to Professor.

Cathyann Tully, Ph.D. (Department of Business Administration):
Dr. Tully was promoted to Professor.

Denise Gasalberti, Ph.D. (Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing):
Dr. Gasalberti was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

Rita Reynolds, Ph.D. (History Department):
Dr. Reynolds was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

Steven Thomas, Ph.D. (English Department):
Dr. Thomas was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

Abraham Unger, Ph.D. (Department of Government and Politics):
Dr. Unger was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

Congratulations to our colleagues on their milestone achievements!

This summer has been a time of change and transition in the Registrar’s Office.  Many of you know that Ann Ayers now serves as Assistant to the Physician Assistant Program Director, and Alaina Signorastri has also moved to the PA Program.  I’d like to acknowledge Ann’s 15 years of service in the Registrar’s Office, where she provided oversight for student registration, degree audits and much more.  While Alaina’s tenure in this office was shorter, she was an invaluable member of the Registrar’s team.

On August 22, we will welcome a new Registrar to Wagner College.  Athena Turner-Frederick, currently the Registrar at Juniata College, will return to Staten Island, where she graduated from Curtis High School.  Ms. Turner-Frederick served as Registrar at Juniata for 16 years, and is described by Juniata’s Provost as a “person whose Datatel acumen is nearly peerless and whose conviction of using technology to serve learning objectives is abiding.”   Dr. Anne Love will return to her previous role as Associate Provost for Assessment, but will continue to provide support to the Registrar’s Office during Ms. Turner-Frederick’s transition.   I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Anne for her steady leadership of this office during the past eight months.

President Guarasci and I will be holding listening tours with all academic departments this year to engage you around concerns that were raised in the PBC Faculty Survey.  We know that there are issues we need to address collectively as we strengthen our campus-wide community.  Joy Stapleton has already begun scheduling these sessions, and we look forward to sitting down with you and having these important conversations.

I encourage each of you to attend President Guarasci’s State of the College Address on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 in Spiro 2 from 4:15 to 6:00 pm.  Prior to September 6, you will have an opportunity to submit questions and issues you would like the President to address in his talk.  President Guarasci will provide important updates on College issues, major initiatives, and our fiscal health.

Our Kaufman-Repage Lecture will be delivered by historian Dr. Bruce Chadwick on October 12 at 7 pm in Spiro 2.  His talk is entitled “George Washington:  War, Peace and a Good Bottle of Wine.”   I hope to see you there with your students.

In a few weeks we will welcome the Class of 2020 and the following new faculty  members:
Dr. Anthony Esposito, Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology Department
Professor Josephine Marcantonio, Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing
Professor Tinamarie Petrizzo-Hughes, Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing
Professor Edward Strafaci, Visiting Assistant Professor, Business Department
Dr. Linda Tribuzio, Visiting Assistant Professor, Education Department

A brief bio of each new faculty member can be found under the heading “New Faculty 2016 – 2017” on the Provost Office website.

I look forward to seeing you soon – we will have much to accomplish this year, particularly with the implementation of our new General Education curriculum.  Thank you for all that you do to make Wagner College such a transformative place for our students.  I hope you all return refreshed and ready to have a productive and exciting year!


Dr. Lily D. McNair Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Schedule of August 2016 Meetings (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Schedule of August 2017 Meetings:  Schedule of August Meetings 2016

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Faculty Orientation 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Manzulli Boardroom

Mentors and Mentee Lunch 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Manzulli Boardroom

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation with Department Chairs 6:00 pm
Manzulli Boardroom

Reception for New and Returning Adjunct Faculty 6:30 pm
Manzulli Boardroom

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Department Chairs Retreat (Required for all Department and Program Chairs)
:30 am – 1:30 pm Manzulli Boardroom

Friday, August 25, 2017

9:00 am – 11:00 am:  First Year Program Retreat – Union 201 (Required for all FYP Faculty)
11:30 am-12:30 pm: First Year Learning Community Class – Various RFT – Room(s) TBD
1:30 pm-2:30 pm: Schedule Changes for Learning Communities 1-9 – Room(s) TBD 2:30 pm-3:30 pm: Schedule Changes for Learning Communities 11-19 – Room(s) TBD

Contact Ann Giarratano for Room Location(s) – 718-420-4126 /

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of Classes Classes begin for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Important Meeting Dates - Fall 2017 (Under Construction)

PRINT Calendar – Fall 2017  – Important Meeting Dates Calendar, Fall 2016



Department Chairs, Directors and Coordinators 2017-2018 (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Department Chairs, Directors and Coordinators: Department Chairs, Directors, Coordinators 2016-2017

Humanities – Department Chairs

English: Dr. Susan Bernardo
History: Dr. Rita Reynolds
Modern Languages: Dr. Margarita Sanchez
Philosophy & Religion: Dr. John Danisi

Performing & Visual Arts – Department Chairs

Art: Dr. Sarah Scott
Theatre: Dr. Felicia Ruff
Music: Dr. David Schulenberg

Professional Programs – Department Chairs, Deans and Directors

Business Administration: Dr. Donald Crooks
Education: Dr. Jason Fitzgerald
Nursing: Dr. Patricia Tooker, Dean
Physician Assistant: Dr. Nora Lowy, Director

Science – Department Chairs

Biological Sciences: Dr. Horst Onken
Physical Sciences: Dr. Nick Richardson
Mathematics & Computer Science: Dr. Adrian Ionescu

Social Sciences – Department Chairs

Economics: Dr. Mary Rose Leacy
Government & Politics: Steven Snow
Psychology: Dr. Mark Wagner
Anthropology: Dr. Celeste Gagnon Sociology: Dr. John Esser

Five-Year BS/MS Microbiology Program – Director

Dr. Christopher Corbo

Five-Year Accounting Program – Director

Dr. Peg Horan

Traditional MBA – Director

Professor Michael Mahoney

Undergraduate MBA Program – Director

Dr. Cathyann Tully

Honors Program – Co-Directors

Dr. Amy Eshleman
Dr. Nicholas Richardson

Graduate Programs – Coordinator

Dr. Jeffrey Kraus

First Year Program – Coordinator

Dr. Alexa Dietrich

Intermediate Learning Community

Dr. Amy Eshleman

Senior Learning Community

Dr. Steven Jenkins

Vice President for Campus Life and Internationalization

Dr. Ruta Shah-Gordon


Rev. Martin Malzahn

Expanding Your Horizons Coordinator

Ellen Navarro, Director for Intercultural Advancement Dr. Rita Reynolds, Associate Professor, History Department (Faculty Coordinator)

Grants Coordinator

Dr. Nicholas Richardson

Pre-Health Advisor

Celeste Van Nice, Assistant Director, Undeclared, Center for Academic and Career Engagement

Summer School – Coordinator

Dr. Walter Kaelber

Center for Leadership and Engagement – Dean

Dr. Kevin Bott

Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform – Director

Stephen Greenwald

Center for Intercultural Advancement

Ellen Navarro, Director for Intercultural Advancement

Center for Teaching, Learning and Research

Dr. Don Stearns, Faculty Scholar for Teaching and Learning

Writing Center

Dr. Lindsay Sabatino

Writing Across the Curriculum

Dr. Anne Schotter

New Faculty 2017-2018 (Under Construction)

TO PRINT New Faculty 2016-2017:  Welcome New Faculty

Professor Nelson Kim, Tenure Track, Assistant Professor
The Department of Art, Art History and Film

Dr. Lindsay Sabatino, Tenure Track, Assistant Professor
English Department and Director of the Writing Center


Dr. Elizabeth A. S, Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences



Full Time Faculty 2017-2018

TO PRINT Full Time Faculty List:  full-time-faculty-list-2016-2017



Dr. Alison Arant, Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Susan Bernardo, Professor, English – Department Chair
Dr. Ann Hurley, Professor, English
Dr. Lindsay Sabatino, Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Anne Schotter, Professor, English
Dr. Steven Thomas, Associate Professor, English

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Dr. Marilyn Kiss, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Dr. Margarita Sánchez, Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures – Department Chair
Dr. Dane Stalcup, Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Dr. Katica Urbanc, Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Philosophy and Religion

Dr. John Danisi, Assistant Professor, Philosophy – Department Chair
Dr. Sarah Donovan, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Dr. Walter Kaelber, Professor, Religion


Dr. Brett Palfreyman, Assistant Professor, History
Dr. Rita Reynolds, Associate Professor, History – Department Chair
Dr. Alison Smith, Professor, History
Dr. Lori Weintrob, Professor, History

Performing and Visual Arts

Art, Art History and Film

Professor Nelson Kim, Art, Art History and Film
Dr. Laura Morowitz, Professor, Art, Art History and Film
Professor Bill Murphy, Professor, Art, Art History and Film
Professor Andrew Needle, Associate Professor, Art, Art History and Film
Dr. Sarah Scott, Associate Professor, Art, Art History and Film –  Department Chair
Professor Jennifer Toth, Associate Professor, Art, Art History and Film

Theatre and Speech

Professor Phill Hickox, Professor, Theatre & Speech
Professor Theresa McCarthy, Assistant Professor, Theatre & Speech
Professor David McDonald, Professor, Theatre & Speech
Professor Michele Pawk, Associate Professor, Theatre & Speech
Professor Todd Alan Price, JD, Associate Professor, Arts Administration
Dr. Felicia Ruff, Professor, Theatre & Speech – Department Chair
Professor Gary Sullivan, Professor, Theatre & Speech
Dr. Lauri Young, Associate Professor, Theatre & Speech


Dr. David Schulenberg, Professor, Music – Department Chair
Dr. Roger Wesby, Professor, Music

Professional Programs

Business Administration

Dr. Shani Carter, Professor, Business Administration
Dr. Donald Crooks, Professor, Business Administration – Department Chair
Dr. Frank DeSimone, Associate Professor, Business Administration
Professor Ken Ellis, Professor of Practice, Business Administration
Dr. Joseph Ferrantelli, Professor of Practice, Business Administration
Dr. Margaret Horan, Professor, Business Administration
Dr. Richard LaRocca, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Dr. Mary LoRe, Professor, Business Administration
Professor Michael Mahoney, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Professor John J. Moran, Professor, Business Administration
Dr. Prentis Nolan, Professor of Practice, Business Administration
Professor Edward Strafaci, Assistant Professor, Visiting
Dr. Cathyann Donovan Tully, Professor, Business Administration
Professor Ian Wise, Assistant Professor, Business Administration


Dr. Jason Fitzgerald, Associate Professor, Education – Department Chair
Dr. Rhoda Frumkin, Associate Professor, Education
Dr. Ann Gazzard, Professor, Education
Dr. Katia Gonzalez, Associate Professor, Education
Dr. Jennifer Lauria, Professor, Education
Dr. Linda Tribuzio, Visiting Assistant Professor, Education


Dr. Kathleen Ahern, Professor, Nursing
Dr. Edna Aurelus, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Dr. Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo, Associate Professor, Nursing
Dr. Nancy Cherofsky, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Professor Jane DeFazio, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Dr. Denise Gasalberti, Associate Professor, Nursing
Professor Josephine Marcantonio, Assistant Professor, Visiting, Nursing
Professor Tinamarie Petrizzo-Hughes, Assistant Professor, Visiting, Nursing
Professor Margaret Terjesen, Assistant Professor, Visiting, Nursing
Dr. Patricia Tooker, Associate Professor, Nursing – Dean
Dr. Paula Tropello, Associate Professor, Nursing 
Professor Lisa Woody, Associated Clinical Professor
Dr. Aleksandra Zagorin, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Physician Assistant

Dr. Nora Lowy, Director Professor
Diane Pane, Academic Coordinator Professor
Michael Rota, Graduate Coordinator
Professor Jenny Sena, Graduate Coordinator
Professor Gail Tiburzi, Clinical Coordinator


Biological Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Blaize, Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt, Associate Professor, Biology
Dr. Heather Cook, Associate Professor, Biology
Dr. Christopher Corbo, Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Anthony Esposito, Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Zoltan Fulop, Professor, Biology
Dr. Horst Onken, Professor, Biology – Department Chair
Dr. Brian Palestis, Professor, Biology
Dr. Donald Stearns, Professor, Biology
Dr. Elizabeth Suter, Biology


Mathematics/Computer Science

Dr. Adrian Ionescu, Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science – Department Chair
Dr. Florin Pop, Associate Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science
Dr. Zohreh Shahvar, Associate Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science

Physical Sciences

Dr. Mohammad Alauddin, Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Racquel Campo DeCicco, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Gregory Falabella, Associate Professor, Physics
Dr. Nicholas Richardson, Professor, Chemistry – Department Chair
Dr. Otto Raths, Professor, Physics
Dr. Arunkumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Social Sciences


Dr. Utteeyo Dasgupta, Assistant Professor, Economics
Dr. Mary Rose Leacy, Assistant Professor, Economics – Department Chair

Government and Politics

Dr. Cyril Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Government and Politics
Dr. Shoahua Hu, Associate Professor, Government and Politics
Dr. Patricia Moynagh, Associate Professor, Government and Politics
Dr. Steven Snow, Professor, Government and Politics –Department Chair
Dr. Abraham Unger, Associate Professor, Government and Politics


Dr. Richard Brower, Associate Professor, Psychology
Dr. Amy Eshleman, Professor, Psychology
Dr. Miles Groth, Professor, Psychology
Dr. Steven Jenkins, Associate Professor, Psychology
Dr. Laurence Nolan, Professor, Psychology
Dr. Mark Wagner, Professor, Psychology – Department Chair


Dr. Alexa Dietrich, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Dr. Celeste Gagnon, Associate Professor, Anthropology – Department Chair
Dr. Gordon McEwan, Professor, Anthropology


Dr. John Esser, Professor, Sociology
Dr. Chien Liu, Associate Professor, Sociology – Department Chair
Dr. Bernadette Ludwig, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Associated Faculty

TO PRINT Associated Faculty:  Associated Faculty 2016

Samuel Curcio, Department of Theatre and Speech

Stephen Greenwald, Department of Theatre and Speech

Linda Raths, Biological Sciences

Lisa Woody, Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing

Faculty Standing Committees / 2017-2018 (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Faculty Standing Committees 2017-2018:  spring-2017-faculty-standing-committees-2016-2017-1-1

Description of Faculty Support and Development Activities (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Description of Faculty Support and Development Activities:  Description of Faculty Support and Development
Faculty Scholar for Teaching and Learning (Don Stearns) Faculty Scholar for Teaching and Learning 2016-2017, available to all faculty for discussion, assistance, observations or questions you may have about pedagogy, your classes or your students. Please contact the Faculty Scholar for Teaching and Learning directly for one-on-one interactions. He will also be scheduling “Lunch and Learn” sessions each semester. The Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (lower level of the library) houses resources for teaching and learning and is available for any faculty to use individually or in groups.

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (Don Stearns – Director) This Center is available for all faculty (Associated, Full Time, Adjunct and others interested from the Wagner Community). It can serve for official meetings, for events, and for quiet reflection. The Faculty Scholar for the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research schedules meetings and events in the Center. Please note that the Center has a library of resources around teaching, learning and assessment. It also houses the current issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The key is always available at the front desk of the library for any faculty member, or group of faculty to use.

Tenure and Promotion Information Workshop-Open to Everyone FPC – Date and Time TBD by FPC This session will focus on the expectations and standards that Wagner has established for successful completion of promotion and tenure. The Chair of FPC will facilitate this workshop. They will base the discussion on the promotion and tenure policies as articulated in the Faculty Handbook, 17th edition.  This session will be interactive allowing participants time for questions and answers.

Promotion and Tenure Assistance Dr. Jeffrey Kraus, Vice Provost and Professor of Government and Politics, is available to assist in reviewing promotion and tenure materials. He is not involved in the personnel process or decision making, but is available for feedback as candidates for promotion or tenure debate their materials. Examples of previous successful portfolios are housed in the center for Teaching, Learning and Research.

Scholarship Circles (By Application) Nick Richardson These monthly sessions provide support for faculty who are interested in receiving support and feedback on their research, their writing, their time management and their exploration of appropriate publication outlets.

Grant Writing Workshop (September 21, 2016, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, Faculty Dining Room) This interactive session is designed for any campus member who is interested in pursuing grant funding. The session answers the following questions: Where can I find grant funding sources? Who on campus can help me seek appropriate funding agencies? How do I begin writing a successful grant? What do I need to know about building a grant budget? What are Wagner’s expectations about grant writing and funding?

Mentoring Program  (All New Mentor/Mentee Dyads) This program assists faculty with their introduction to Wagner College. As a result of their participation, new tenure-track and visiting professors will have a greater understanding of what is expected of them in the areas of teaching, service and scholarship. Each entering faculty member is partnered with a tenure track or tenured faculty mentor. Mentors and mentees will have a chance to meet one-on-one throughout the academic year to address issues of professional development pertinent to the success of the new faculty member. During the semester, the Provost will host an event for mentors, mentees, and each mentee’s department chair.

Faculty Development Funds The application for Faculty Aid is on the website here.

Faculty – Student Development Funds I am continuing to support campus-related activities that help students achieve your expected learning outcomes. Funds to support these activities can be accessed here.

Student Research Funds Students who are interested in presenting their research at professional conferences can apply for funding that will defray the costs of travel, lodging and registration.  The deadlines are October 15 and February 15.

Grant Writing Circle Information and Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals – Grant Writing Circle Application Form:  Call for Proposals - Grant Writing Circle Application Form

TO PRINT Grant Writing Circle Application Form



Scholarship Circle Information and Call for Proposals

TO PRINT Call for Proposals -Wagner Scholarship Circles:

Faculty Routines and Schedules

To Print Faculty Routines and Schedules:   Faculty Routines and Schedules

On Campus Presence: Per the Faculty Handbook, all faculty are expected to be on campus four (4) days per week. Faculty Meeting: Per the Faculty Handbook, tenure track faculty are required to attend these meetings. Textbooks: Notify your Department Chair regarding textbook needs (include ISBN numbers).  Subsequently, check with Bookstore prior to the semester to ensure that requested books were received. Office Hours: Coordinate with the Department Chair to maximize departmental coverage. Office hours need to be posted and shared with the Department Chair and Provost in the first week of school.  Per the Faculty Handbook, all full time faculty must hold 6 office hours per week. Syllabi: A written syllabus is to be handed out to each class at the beginning of the term.  In addition to course description, expected student learning outcomes, course calendar and course content, your syllabus needs to include the following:

  • Student attendance, grading and make-up policies (Federal student aid funding regulations require that we keep accurate attendance records)
  • Description of class participation, examinations, tests, quizzes, papers, or other course requirements
  • Office hours and contact information

Submit copies of all syllabi to the Department/Faculty. All syllabi will need to be available for accreditation purposes. Class Room Assignments: Posted in Main Hall, Main Hall Basement, Cunard Hall, Spiro Center, and Wagner Union. Class Room Changes: For any and all class room changes contact Athena Turner-Frederick, Registrar, extension 3173, Cunard Hall. Class Rosters: The Registrar will provide updates on class lists. Rosters are to be verified and returned to the Registrar within the week received. Mid-Semester: No official grades are given at mid-semester. However, a feed back form will be received upon which you must note all D & F’s currently being earned and any concerns you have about student behavior or attendance . These students will then be contacted by the Center for Academic and Career Development.  Instructors are encouraged to consult with students who are not doing acceptable work at mid-term. All forms (even with no student concerns) are to be returned mid-semester to the Registrar. Enforce No Eating and No Smoking rules in the classroom. We are a “No-Smoking in Building” campus.  The No Smoking rule is pursuant to the New York State Clean Indoor Act of 2003 and violation may lead to fine or imprisonment. Absences: In the event you must miss a class, notify your Department Secretary and Department Chair, who will post class cancellation notices and complete the form for which class will be made up (your assistant has the form). In addition, contact the Provost’s Office. All course cancellations must be reported to the Provost and a time or plan for making-up the session. Final Examinations: Exams must take place during the assigned periods at the end of the semester. The last class week may NOT be used for “final tests” in lieu of the final exam. Exceptions must have the advance consent of the Provost. Special room arrangements may be made through the Registrar, extension 3173, Cunard Hall. According to the New York State Education Department, all final exam periods must be met. Academic Counseling Needs: Refer to the Center for Academic & Career Development, x3181 Building Maintenance, Grounds, Housekeeping Problems: Please notify Maintenance, x3163 Campus Security – Main Gate, x3148 (Please report any unusual activity)

12th Annual Kaufman-Repage Lecture (Under Construction)

TO PRINT 10th Annual Kaufman-Repage Announcement: Kaufman Lecture Announcement 2016

I’m pleased to announce that on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in Spiro 2, author, speaker and historian Dr. Bruce Chadwick, who is at home in front of large crowds discussing everything from George Washington’s Presidency to Abraham Lincoln’s preparation for the Gettysburg Address to the history of baseball, will be our Kaufman-Repage speaker. Bruce Chadwick spent 23 years as a journalist and then began a second career in higher education in 1994, earning a doctorate later in life and embarking on a new career as a professor, historian, lecturer and author of 29 books, including ten works on American history. His latest book, James and Dolley Madison: America’s First Power Couple, came out in March, 2014. He is also the author of I Am Murdered, a story of an early 19th century forensics homicide investigation involving three British trained doctors. Chadwick is currently working on a book about New York City on the eve of the Civil War. The early part of Dr. Chadwick’s career was spent as a reporter and columnist with the New York Daily News, He also wrote more than 150 freelance articles for magazines such as Sports Illustrated, House Beautiful, McCall’s, The Sporting News, Town and Country and Cosmopolitan. Dr. Bruce Chadwick was graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications, earning a bachelor’s degree in a joint journalism/political science program. He earned a Master’s in communications at Montclair State University. Dr. Chadwick authored a series of books on baseball history for the Abbeville Press, beginning in 1991. One of them When the Game Was Black and White, was on the history of the Negro Leagues. Chadwick lectured on sports history for the Smithsonian and several universities. He then turned to general history when he left journalism in 1992 and returned to graduate school to earn a doctorate in American history at Rutgers University, studying American politics at Princeton University as part of his program. His doctorate was a springboard for a series of books on history and leadership. In 2005, Bruce Chadwick appeared on the History Channel as an on-air scholar for a one hour special on Presidential Prophecies. He appeared as on-air scholar on the History Channel again in the summer of 2006 on an eight-part series on the generals of the American Revolution and in the fall of 2006 on a thirteen-part series on the Revolution. He appeared in a film documentary on the American South, “Moving Midway”. He was also taped for the National Geographic Channel’s documentary on George Washington. In September, 2015, he was featured in a Travel Channel Monumental Mysteries series episode about an attempt to kidnap George Washington. Dr. Chadwick has worked for four years as an entertainment critic for the History News Network, the website for history lovers, where he writes reviews on plays and movies about history. Dr. Chadwick is also an authority on forensics and its history. In addition to his book on forensics and homicide, he has taught a course on the subject at Rutgers University for 15 years. Over the years, he has given multiple series of lectures on forensics and its history, including how forensics has become such an enjoyable part of movies and television. His talks cover forensics from ancient Rome to the reign of Alfred the Great in England to contemporary culture in America. Since the early 1990s, Dr. Chadwick has worked as a full time journalism and history professor at New Jersey City University. He is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers, where he has taught History and Film, Murder in America, Images and Narratives of War and a course on organized crime in American culture. Lily D. McNair, Ph.D. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Wagner College Campus Resource Sheet

TO PRINT Campus Resource Sheet:  Campus Resource Sheet

Division of Campus Life, Faculty and Staff Support Networks

TO PRINT Division of Campus Life, Faculty and Staff Support Networks: Division of Campus Life, Faculty and Staff Support Networks

Mentors and Mentees 2017-2018 (Under Construction)

TO PRINT Mentors and Mentees:  Mentor and Mentee List

Mentee – Dr. Anthony Esposito, Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology Department
Mentor – Professor Phill Hickox, Professor, Theatre and Speech


Mentee – Professor Edward Strafaci, Visiting Assistant Professor, Business Department
Mentor – Dr. Laurence Nolan, Professor, Psychology Department


Mentee – Dr. Linda Tribuzio, Visiting Assistant Professor, Education Department
Mentor – Cathyann Tully, Professor, Business Administration


Antium Font. Textbooks available on Reserve