Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning


At Wagner, we pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching and learning. We have a successful tradition of creating curriculum that unites deep learning and practical application. But successful traditions must constantly be updated and renewed. We have an exciting opportunity to enhance our teaching and learning with new media and online participatory tools.

Media-literacy_workshopTechnology has touched our lives in countless, fascinating ways. We live in a richly connected world with huge deposits of information literally a click away. But it’s not just easy access to online information that we must consider. As educators, we must also consider how the online environment allows our students to create and make meaning.

Technology offers us an opportunity to transform the way we teach. It is an ideal vehicle for designing the constructivist, active learning approaches that we seek for our students. With the array of free, participatory media tools online today, our students can be producers, authors, photographers, bloggers, videographers, and storytellers who construct evidence of their understanding and publish their work for the world to see.

While we’ve witnessed some wonderful new media experiments in Wagner courses, we are all eager to do more and extend our understanding of what's possible. The Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning program is designed to meet that very need; to help us all leverage the affordances new tools provide.

Bruce Chadwick 16x9
On Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. in Spiro Hall 2, the subject of Wagner College’s 2015 Kaufman Repage Lecture by historian Bruce Chadwick will be “George Washington in New York: War, Peace and a Good Bottle of Wine.” The public is invited, and the program is free. Bruce Chadwick spent the first half of his working life as a sports writer for the N.Y. Daily News. In 1992, he left journalism to [...] Keep reading →
Our first media literacy workshop was a day full of learning, hands-on practice, experimentation, and fun. Three guests speakers, Karen Cowden, Matt Stoltzfus, and Alan Levine presented Wagner faculty with case studies on teaching information literacy and using Poll Everywhere, flipping the classroom and using Learning Catalytics, and incorporating blogging and storytelling into the classroom [...] Keep reading →
Introduction As a part of the Media Literacy for Teaching & Learning program, the Wagner College Provostʼs Office will award three innovative pilot course teaching incentives for Fall 2013. These awards, which can be individuals or pairs, will support the integration of media technology to support the teaching and learning goals of the course. Awardees will each receive a stipend of $1,500 along [...] Keep reading →
“Instructional technology? Sure, I see it everywhere. But how do I tie it to teaching and learning? What’s out there? And how do I get started?” Have you recently been asked, what educational technology tools you use or would like to use? what are the challenges? what support would help make your job easier? It was the Provost’s office, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research, [...] Keep reading →