Summer Session 2017

Have a productive summer!
  • Take undergraduate or graduate courses missed during the regular year
  • Concentrate on one or two particularly difficult courses
  • Take advantage of smaller classes and a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Change academic or geographic environments
  • Enrich your cultural and intellectual knowledge
  • Enhance your career prospects

Main Hall photoshootSummer Schedule

Session A — June 5 – July 1
Session B — July 10 – August 5
Session D — May 15-26 (Biology Only)

How to Register

Current Wagner students: You must see your advisor prior to registration, then register for courses through myWagner. Late registration may be completed no later than the second day of classes with the permission of the instructor and the registrar. It’s best to complete registration as early as possible prior to the beginning of a course, as the College reserves the right to cancel courses because of low enrollment.

Visiting or degree-seeking students: if you’re looking to enroll as a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student, work with our Admissions Office. Visiting students who just need credit should fill out this form.

Summer 2017 Course Schedule

The best way to find classes is through myWagner or the Wagner Mobile app. You can also use these PDFs:

Under construction:  Registration  will start March 20th for current students.  Be on the lookout for a registrar announcement.

Summer 2017 Online Courses

An example of last years Summer 2016 schedule:

AN101, Session A, Introduction to Anthropology, Scholl
AN201, Session B, Comparative Cultures (I), Dietrich
AN252, Session A, Introduction to Medical Anthropology, Dietrich 

AH118, Session A, Introduction to Art History: The Ancient World form a Global Perspective, Scott
AH112, Session B, Art of the 19th and 20th Century, Morowitz

Business – Undergraduate Courses
BU201, Session B, Business Law I, Moran
MG333, Session B, Gender and Diversity in Business (D), Clark
MG411, Session B, Information Technology Management, Ferrantelli
MK201, Session B, Marketing, Ferrantelli

Business- TMBA Program
BU617, Session A, Economics for Managers, LaRocca
FI640, Session A, Money & Capital Markets, Strafacci
MG620, Session A, Management Technology, Ferrantelli
BU623, Session B, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership, Moran
IB/MK603, Session B, International Marketing, Thiro

EC101, Session B, Macroeconomics, Diodato
EC102, Session A, Microeconomics, Diodato

ED335, Session A, Educational Assessment and Evaluation, Lauria
ED650, session A, The Elementary Classroom in an Inclusive Setting, Lauria
ED600, Session A, Curriculum Development Strategies for Teaching, Gonzalez
ED687, Session A, Assessments and Educational Testing for Students in Inclusive Settings, Gonzalez

EN110(W), Session A,B, Intro to Literature: Driving Through Fiction, Shore

GOV102, Session A,B, Politics and Government, Snow
GOV103, Session A,B, American Government and Politics, Snow
Gov253, Session A,B, The Politics of Terrorism, Snow

HI248, Session A, African-American History I, 1619-1865(D),Reynolds

MU101, Session A,B, Foundations of Music Theory, Hough
MU205, Session A,B, Music Cultures of the World (I), Kaminski

NR224, Session A, Nutrition, Cherofsky
NR591, Session B, Informatics, Lama

PS101, Session A, Introduction to Psychology, Rossilli
PS291, Session B, Counseling Children, Rossilli

SO101, Session A, Principles of Sociology, Liu
SO201, Session B, Courtship and Marriage, (I), Liu
SO315, Session A,Social Stratification, Liu

Special Topic Course Descriptions

AR 291: Mixed Media and Textiles
This unique course addresses the essential concepts and language associated with 3D Design and Fiber Art. Through interdisciplinary mixed media exercises, projects, and demonstrations will investigate the formal elements of art and principles of visual organization. An equal emphasis will be placed on technical proficiency and conceptual development. This course includes bi-weekly slide lectures on historical and contemporary sculpture and design relating to mixed media and textiles.

BI 291 Introduction to Immunology
This introductory course aims to familiarize students with the basic components, makeup and dynamics of the immune system. The topics covered will be innate immunity, adaptive immunity, allergies and immune-based diseases (such as HIV, parasites and lymphomas). Students will learn to recognize and differentiate between different immune components, their origins and functions. Prerequisite: One unit of Biology or Microbiology.

GOV 295 Presidential Convention. Two units July 17-29 in Philadelphia
An examination of the National Conventions and their place in American politics. Through a combination of seminars, discussion groups, workshops, and fieldwork, students will be exposed to the major (or minor) party conventions. As part of the course, students will be assigned fieldwork assignment at the convention. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

Wagner College Internship Program

Open to Full-time Wagner College Students Only
The opportunity to study and gain work experience in New York City can add an important component to your education. The purpose of the internship program at Wagner College is to allow students to have a “learn by doing” work experience, supervised by faculty and professionals in the field. Internships are usually related to the student’s major. The student has the responsibility to devote a minimum of 105 hours for one (1) unit or 210 hours for two (2) units. The work is to be performed on a regular weekly basis during the summer semester. The student will maintain a log describing day-to-day activities and the times and hours worked. A final paper in which the student evaluates the work experience will be submitted to the faculty advisor. The student’s performance will be discussed with the internship supervisor at the host organization and the faculty supervisor will determine the final grade. The on-site supervisor will complete a written evaluation of the student’s performance. For more information, contact the Center for Academic and Career Engagement at 718-390-3181.

Tuition and Fees

  • Undergraduate: $2,750 per course
  • Graduate: $1,060 per credit
  • Art laboratory fee: varies
  • Computer fee: varies
  • Science laboratory fee: varies

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $200 for each course is required of all visiting students at the time of registration. The balance is to be paid prior to the first day of the session.

Summer Housing

Campus housing is available with immediate access to campus facilities and easy access to Staten Island attractions and Manhattan. The cost for a room with double occupancy during the summer sessions is $260/week. Single rooms are available at a cost of $360/week. The cost for meals is additional. To reserve summer housing, please fill out the application by May 1, 2017.

Official Transcripts

All requests for Wagner College transcripts must be made in writing to the Registrar’s Office. There is a $10.00 charge for each transcript requested. Information regarding transcript requests and the necessary request form can be found on the Registrar’s forms page.

Drop/Add and Pass/Fail Option

The option for being graded on a pass/fail basis may be taken during the following days, based on the session in which you are enrolled:

  • Session A: June 5-7
  • Session B: July 10-12
  • Session D: May 15-17

Please see the Wagner College Catalog for the regulations that determine eligibility for the pass/fail option.

Wagner College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Further information on Wagner’s policies and procedures on compliance with FERPA can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Cunard Hall, or the Wagner College Catalog.