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Food, History and Culture

This Intermediate Learning Community gives first-year students an opportunity to bridge two disciplines—anthropology and history—around a single topic, food. Part of The Wagner Plan, this interdisciplinary approach prepares students for careers where they need to bring disparate pieces of information together into a coherent whole.

Anna Huddle '15

Art history and French studies major Anna Huddle '15 talks about her internship at Christie's New York. "I love being near the City. You can do anything here."

Leadership Through Ethics

One of the Freshman Learning Communities, "Leadership Through Ethics" spent time volunteering to revitalize Los Potrillos, a restaurant in Port Richmond.

Teaching Glocal: Prof. Abe Unger

Prof. Abe Unger teaches Wagner students about urban policy, economic development, and being glocal.

5-Year Microbiology Program

Dr. Corbo and Monica Cipriani '17 invite you to learn more about the 5-year microbiology program, earning you a BS and MS within five years. With small classes, dedicated faculty, and required undergraduate research, microbiology at Wagner prepares students for a wide range of careers.

Chris DeFilippi profile

Chris DeFilippi stops on his commute to the Clinton Foundation to chat about his Wagner experience as a government & politics major.

Faculty Profile: Prof. Lori Weintrob, history

Prof. Lori Weintrob teaches history at Wagner College using visual images, films and novels to provoke discussion. Prof. Weintrob pushes students to "think outside the box" — then she takes them outside the classroom and into communities. Photography: Lori Weintrob, Rita Reynolds, Anna Mulé, Corey Wascinski Music: "Rythme Gitan" by Latché Swing (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license) Production: Anna Mulé | Wagner College
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The Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts

Spiro Hall

Wagner College’s curriculum unites deep learning and practical application. The Wagner Plan incorporates our longstanding commitment to the liberal arts, experiential learning and interdisciplinary education with our geographical location and enduring bond with New York City.

Beginning your very first semester at Wagner, you not only study issues and learn critical-thinking, writing and problem-solving skills, but you also see and practice what you’re learning. Through Learning Communities and Reflective Tutorials led by our dedicated faculty, you get hands-on experience to the world outside the classroom.

PortRichmondUnder the Wagner Plan, you complete a liberal arts core program and a major, totaling 36 units/courses. Students complete three Learning Communities (LC’s) — the First-Year Program, the Intermediate Learning Community, and the Senior Learning Community.

If you’re admitted to the Honors Program, courses are designed to stimulate and challenge you intellectually and to offer exceptional academic and co-curricular opportunities. Honors courses are more challenging, involve more discussion/debate, and require longer and in-depth research papers and oral presentations. The Program is affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council.