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Want the inside scoop on student life?

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Monday October 20, 2014
I’m a senior. It’s seriously frightening. I feel like I just moved in for my freshman year and now I’m getting ready to graduate? What?! I was visiting a friend in Harborview yesterday and I started having all these flashbacks to freshman year. It’s crazy how things are so incredibly different… [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday October 15, 2014
Yes, this is an actual Halloween decoration here on Staten Island I am not exactly the biggest fan of the month October to be very honest. Mostly because it is my birthday in November, making October a basic reminder that I am getting old. I prefer not get any older and facing more responsibilities [...] Keep reading →

Monday October 13, 2014
Center for Intercultural Advancement There are three places you are most likely to find me on campus when I do not have classes. The first place is in my room, probably watching marathon of Real Housewives or Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. The second is HawksNest ordering the same thing; a cheeseburger [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday October 08, 2014
What did you do last weekend? See a football game? Started binge-watching that 2nd season of House of Cards you never got around to? Or, did you happen to go to a film festival? Perhaps the New York Film Festival (NYFF)? If you happened upon the last one, you'd have maybe seen my (dark) blonde little [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday October 08, 2014
Hi guys! Two weekends ago, I took my LSAT.  By the way, I think I did pretty well on it.  Anyways, after my exam was done, I went out with my senior friends to the city to "hangout."  It was a much needed day out to let out all my LSAT stress.  I didn't get back to my room until 3am in the morning. [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday October 07, 2014
You would think that after 3 years of college, I would have had a true Wagner football experience by now. Thanks to the lovely student athlete life (which despite my sarcasm, I really do love), that wasn’t true until this past Saturday. Thanks to some new stadium lighting, the home opener was at night. [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday October 01, 2014
Welcome back, kids! It's another day in the life of classes and college livin'. Another week full of responsibilities and early morning macchiatos. Another month of changing weather and fluctuating relationships. Another year of- "hey wait a second there blogger guy, it's only been a month!" Gee, [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday September 30, 2014
Hi guys! I'm not really a people person.  Well, I am, but people annoy me really easily.  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I'm quiet and I'm shy.  However, once you get to know me and I get to know you, we're cool.  There are some people I don't bother talking to because I just [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday September 30, 2014
Hi guys! My name is Ugo Nwaigwe.  This is not only my first post ever as a HawkTalk blogger, but my first time blogging in general.  To say the very least, I am so excited!  I feel like I have so much to say and to share to you all about my experiences as a full time college student.  First off, [...] Keep reading →

Monday September 29, 2014
Oh I do According to my mother, I started reading at the age of 2. I would say 4, because 2 is just unrealistic. The first book I ever read was the Bible, because it was the first book I came across. Then slowly I progressed to other books. I read anything from Harry Potter (Like duhhhh, Harry Potter [...] Keep reading →