Bob Herr

Bob_Herr-1 Hello from the Wagner College Admissions Office and New York City! As you continue your college search and exploration, I hope that you will find that Wagner might just be the right college for you.  It is daunting to realize that, when you decide where to attend college, you are making one of the most important and far-reaching decisions of your lifetime. Very few of our choices in life have so great an impact on our future careers, our friendships, and our beliefs and values.

The Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts is our unique curriculum that combines our deep commitment to the liberal arts with experiential learning, producing a truly interdisciplinary education that is both classical and practical.  Beginning in their very first semester at Wagner, students are not only studying issues, learning critical-thinking, writing and problem-solving skills, they are also seeing and putting into practice what they are learning.  That commitment to providing a practical balance to the academic rigor at Wagner can be found in our learning communities, internships, study abroad opportunities, and service learning and civic engagement.  Add to that our beautiful park-like campus and proximity to Manhattan, and you can see why students from all over the country and world are calling Wagner their “home”.

Is the Wagner Plan right for you? I invite you to visit campus and find out for yourself.

I look forward to seeing on campus soon, and best of luck in your college search.


  • Hawaii 
Punahou School November 12th 7:30am
Mid-Pacific Institute November 12th 9:50am
Maryknoll School November 12th 10:40am
LeJardin Academy November 12th 2:00pm
Sacred Hearts Academy November 13th 8:00am
'Iolani School November 13th 9:15am
Kamehameha School - Kapalama November 13th 12:15pm
Island Pacific Academy November 13th 1:25pm
St. Andrew's Priory November 14th 12:45pm
Honolulu College Fair November 14th 8:30-11:00am, 5:00-8:00pm
Kauai College Fair November 17th 9:00-11:00am, 5:00-7:00pm
Hilo College Fair November 18th 5:00pm
Hilo College Fair November 19th 9:00am
Parker School November 19th 12:30pm
Hawaii Preparatory Academy November 19th 3:30pm
Waikoloa College Fair November 20th 9:00am