Jacquie Cadorette on her first year at Wagner

Jacquie Cadorette on her first year at Wagner


As the spring semester was coming to a close at Wagner, I took the opportunity to sit down with one of our freshmen, Jacquie Cadorette, who is an English major from Media, PA.  Jacquie is in the Honors Program and also serves as a Student Ambassador and Admissions Assistant.   I asked her about why she chose Wagner and to share some of her experiences during her first year at Wagner.

Q:  Why did you choose Wagner?  A:  I knew I wanted to be in New York City, and the location really provided the best of both worlds.   I liked the traditional campus feel, but I also wanted to study English and really experience all that the city offers.  And, as I was going through my college search, I definitely felt connected to Wagner.  They made me feel at home.

Q:  Looking back, what stands out about your first year?  A:  I think going through the self-discovery process in a new environment was the biggest thing.  Adopting a more independent life style than when I was at home, as well as acclimating to campus life, can be somewhat challenging for many college freshmen.  But, Wagner's small size made me feel comfortable and it was very easy to get to know people and make new friends.  Being an Admissions Assistant was a big part of my freshman year....giving tours and talking to prospective students helped me see the growth and changes I was making because I was in their shoes very recently and was able to connect with them.

Q:  What are your favorite things about Wagner?  A:  The professors.  They are so approachable, and they work well with you and with small groups in your classes.  My favorite professor this year was Dr. Urbanc, who I had for Francophone Women Writers in Translation.  There were only 10 students in my class, so we definitely got to know each other and work closely together.  I also enjoyed the accessibility and opportunities in New York.  For example, I recently reached out to the Metro NY Make-a-Wish Foundation and am in the process of becoming a volunteer there.

Q:  What advice would you give students in their college search?  A:   Know what makes you happy and apply it to your college search.  Be honest with yourself and know what you are looking for.  Also, once you get to college, don't be content.  You can't just sit in your room and expect experiences to come to you.

Final note:  Jacquie will be a summer intern working on public relations, events, and projects in the promotions department at 102.9 WMGK radio in Philadelphia.