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Service Awards

The Wagner Alumni Laureate is presented to Wagner alumni who have given very long and distinguished service to the College. This is Wagner’s highest service award.

Medal is presented to those who have demonstrated leadership and service to the Wagner College Alumni Association.

The Certificate of Appreciation is presented to individuals who have recently become active in the work of the Alumni Association through donation of time, money, or resources to college or alumni-sponsored events.

Achievement Awards

This award, Wagner’s highest achievement, is presented to a graduate who has made exceptional career contributions and demonstrated significant impact to his or her community, state, or the nation.  The accomplishments of such an individual are in line with the values of Wagner and bring honor to students, faculty, and alumni.

Wagner Alumni Fellows are recognized for holding distinguished careers that strongly exemplify the elements of The Wagner Plan and the college’s academic programs.

The Wagner Alumni Key recognizes graduates of the last decade who have exhibited extraordinary achievement in their personal and professional pursuits, while at the same time continuing to foster a strong relationship with the Wagner College community through active engagement in programs and events.

This award is given to those individuals who have somehow contributed to the Wagner community, the local community or the global world in a spiritual way.


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