Planned Giving

While many individuals make current or outright gifts, others choose to defer their support until a specific point in the future or their death.  This type of investment in the future of Wagner College is known as a deferred or planned gift. Below you will find information on the various types of planned giving.

Post Image for Retained Life Estate
You may make a gift of your home to Wagner College while you are still living in it.  In fact, your spouse or other person may live there for life, or a specified term of years, as well. Your gift must be an irrevocable remainder interest that provides that after your lifetime use and that […]
Post Image for Bequest
In all cases, it is important to state that one’s gift is being made to Wagner College on Staten Island, New York. Wagner College’s federal tax identification number is 13- 5604699. In its simplest form, a bequest would state, “I give to Wagner College on Staten Island, New York, $___ or ___ % of my […]
By making Wagner College the beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary) of your life insurance policy, you maintain ownership of the policy, retaining the right to borrow against it, cash it in or change the beneficiary. Since you own the policy, you are not eligible for a tax deduction based on either the value of the policy […]
You make a gift of cash or securities—a minimum of $10,000 is required—to Wagner College and receive annual income for life. Donors must be at least 35 years old.  If you are  younger (under 55),  you may wish to look into a deferred payment charitable gift annuity that postpones the income to a future date […]
Post Image for Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust at Wagner College is funded with a minimum of $100,000.  You may establish your charitable trust independently with a trustee and qualified fiduciary institution of your choosing or through Wagner’s manager, the ELCA.  You and your beneficiaries receive income of at least 5 percent over your lifetime or for a specific […]
A charitable lead trust is the mirror image of a charitable remainder trust, in that the donor loans assets to Wagner for the term of the trust.  The donor transfers assets to the trust, which distributes its income to Wagner for a set term, such as the life of the donor or a given number […]
IRA Rollover
Wagner has benefited from generous gifts from members of the Wagner community who have taken advantage of incentives for tax-free charitable giving that the IRA Rollover provides. Learn more about how you can make a charitable IRA gift to Wagner College.