Homecoming Vendor Information

Homecoming Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in Wagner College's Homecoming Fall Festival on Saturday, September 28, 2013!

Please take a few minutes to read over our Restaurant Information Form for full details on your role during our Homecoming Fall Festival before filling out our Restaurant Application at the bottom of this page.


Event Information

DATE /LOCATION: Saturday, September 28, 2013 on the Wagner “Oval” or main lawn area.
DESCRIPTION:  Family-friendly “block party” setting used to highlight local Staten Island businesses during Wagner’s annual Homecoming and football event which averages 500 participants each year.
  • Wagner’s main lawn (the Oval) will be the main food and attraction area for the pre-game event, and will be set-up to mimic a block party atmosphere with stage performances and carnival type games in addition to local vendors.
  • Wagner will be selling tickets to guests which they can redeem for any participating vendors food and beverages selections.  Vendors are responsible for collecting the tickets and submitting them to Wagner representative at the conclusion of the event.  Wagner College will send out a check as payment following the event.
  • Vendor set-up will begin promptly at 8:30AM with all food items available for purchase from 10:30AM to 1:30 PM on the day of the event
  • Break-down for vendors will begin no earlier than 1:30 PM
  • Wagner College will provide tent and table covering, access to potable water, printed signage with the name of each restaurant and two 6 ft. tables
  • Power will be provided on a need basis, with each vendor receiving no more than two dedicated outlets.

Food Vendor Requirements

  • Each vendor should come prepared to serve at least 150 patrons
  • Must be prepared to serve 2-5 food items from your regular/catering menu
  • Suggested price point per food item is $4 or below.
  • Vendor determines how many tickets to collect per item with a minimum of one item for 2 tickets and a maximum of 4 tickets per item.
  • Only non-alcoholic beverages may be served (i.e. soda, water etc.) in exchange for 2 tickets/beverage
  • Vendors will receive payment of 50¢ per ticket collected
  • Tickets collected by vendor will be counted at the end of the event by a designated Wagner College staff person and issued a receipt for the number collected
  • Payment will be issued by check within 2 weeks after the event.

To apply to be a restaurant vendor at Wagner's Homecoming Fall Festival please fill out the form below.


If you manage or own a restaurant on Staten Island and would like to participate in Wagner College's Homecoming Fall Fest please submit this form to the Office of Alumni Relations. Once it has been reviewed a staff member will contact you. If you have any questions, please call the office at 718-390-3224.

Step 1 of 2

  • Please send us a high resolution image of your restaurant's logo. You can also email one at a later date to alumni@wagner.edu

Thank you and we look forward to working with you to make this the most exciting Homecoming at Wagner College!

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