Learning Goals & Awards

Upon graduation an Anthropology Major should have:

  • a basic familiarity with the four sub-fields of anthropology and their method
  • a thorough understanding of the concept of culture and how it unites the four sub-fields, including an awareness of both biological and social determinants of culture and an appreciation of the effects of ethnocentrism
  • a basic familiarity and understanding of anthropological theory and its relevance to broader social and scientific issues
  • specific and advanced knowledge of at least one sub-field and geographic/cultural area covered by our course offerings
  • had a field experience and research opportunity in their anthropological area of interest

 Awards to recognize the achievement of our students:

Anita Volland Anthropology Award

Presented to the graduating senior Anthropology major who most exemplifies in his or her work the vision of anthropology practiced by founding department member Anita Volland, emphasizing the importance of the four fields, the centrality of the culture concept, and great intellectual curiosity.
Gutierrez de la Garza, Daniela '16
Ketchmark, Meredith '14
Delbridge, Molly '14
Rogers, Emily '13
Ida, Jennifer '12
Anderson, Ford'11
Corthell, Hailey '11
Bernardini, Jillian N. '10
Jones, Amy L. '09
Walminski, Alison '08
Ruvolo, Jennifer '07

Gordon McEwan Endowed Award for Archaeology

This award was endowed by the Wright Family Foundation, under the direction of Kenneth R. and Ruth M. Wright. The selection criteria are:
*Wagner College student(s) in good academic standing
*Participant(s) in a Wagner College study abroad program
*Eligible program must have an experiential learning component in the field of Archaeology
In the event that there is no applicable study abroad program, an achievement award may be made to a deserving student in the Department of Anthropology for independent study.
Diaz, Jazmin '16
Gutierrez de la Garza, Daniela '15
Taylor Stabler '14

Departmental Honors
To qualify for the B.A. or B.S. degree with departmental honors in Anthropology, a student must:
* Attain an overall grade point average of 3.00 in a minimum of 18 units
* Attain a grade point average of 3.50 in completed Anthropology courses
* Satisfactorily design and complete an experiential project, which is approved by three faculty members, bound and filed in the Anthropology Department
Ketchmark, Meredith '14
Delbridge, Molly '14
Sergi, Joey '13
Rogers, Emily '13
Fox-Sowell, Sophia '13
Ida, Jennifer '12
Jaeger, Jessica A. '12
Tobiassen, Rose '12
Rosewarne, Julianne '11

Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology, Pi Chapter
Minimum requirements for active student membership are: completed not less than 4 courses in academic Anthropology with an average grade in these courses of not less than 3.0 and a cumulative GPA of not less than 2.5.
Diaz, Jazmin ‘17
Guevara, Cindy ‘17
Gwynne, Kelsey '17
Wolthausen, Noah ‘17
Acosta, Karla ‘16
Anderson, Eric ‘16
Brierre, Natalie ‘16
Campbell, Rose ‘16
Gutierrez de la Garza, Daniela ‘16
Cohen, Elizabeth ‘14
Delbridge, Molly ‘14
Gibaldi, Nicholas ‘14
Ketchmark, Meredith ‘14
McCracken, Keila M. ‘14
Rauscher, Erika T. ‘14
McDonald, Rory C. ‘14
Fox-Sowell, Sophia ‘13
Rogers, Emily ‘13
Sergi, Joey ‘13
Zaydak, Rachel ‘13
Capric, Violeta '12
Fournier, Veronick '12
Ida, Jennifer '12
Jaeger, Jessica A. '12
Kendrick, Mary '12
Madden, Colleen '12
Passantino, John B. '12
Tobiassen, Rose '12
Anderson, Ford '11
Corthell, Hailey '11
Gill, Gabrielle '11
Rosewarne, Julianne '11
Vivona, Christin '11
Bernardini, Jillian N. '10
Visnovsky, Emily '10
Jones, Amy L. '09