Spring 2014 Course Offerings

Course Number/Title



AH109 Art History or Histories? Survey Morowitz 11:20-12:50 T/Th
AH118 Intro to Art History: The Ancient World from a Global Perspective Scott 9:40-11:10 M/W
AH291 Special Topics: Arts of the Book/Islamic World Teece 1-4pm W
AH326ILC Cities and Perversities:Art in Turn of Century Paris Morowitz  2:40-4:10 T/Th
AH491 Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism Scott TBA
AR011 Figure Drawing Lab Toth 9:50-12:50 W
AR103-01 Design/Color Healy 11:20-2:20 M
AR103-02 Design/Color Healy 2:40-5:40 M
AR103-03 Design/Color Lonngren 11:20-12:50 T/Th
AR103-04 Design/Color Lonngren 1-2:30 T/Th
AR103-05 Design/Color Pfister 6-9pm Th
AR105-01 Drawing I Bonior 6-9pm W
AR105-02 Drawing I Foust 6-9pm Th
AR105 -03 Drawing I Walker 6-9pm M
AR105 -04 Drawing I Walker 6-9pm T
AR105-05 Drawing I Healy 6-9pm M
AR105 -H Drawing I Honors Murphy 1-4pm W
AR106-01 Ceramics Nutt 11:20-12:50 T/Th
AR106-02 Ceramics Nutt 2:40-4:10 T/Th
AR114-01 Photography Schnier 2:40-5:40 M
AR114-02 Photography Schnier 6-9pm M
AR130-01 Digital Photography Mauro 2:40-5:40 M
AR130-02 Digital Photography Mauro 6-9pm Th
AR203-01 Advertising Art I: Graphic Design Reinhart 2:40-5:40 T
AR203-02 Advertising Art I: Graphic Design Reinhart 6-9pm T
AR205-01 Drawing II Murphy 1-4pm Th
AR208-01 Painting I Toth 1-4 T/Th
AR308-01 Painting II Toth 1-4 T/Th
AR213-01 Printmaking I Murphy 1-4 T/Th
AR221-01 Museum & Gallery Studies Scott 11:20-12:50 M/W

















AR240-01 ILC Multimedia Production/Storytelling Mule 6-9pm W
AR291-02 Special Topic: Digital Photography II Mauro 6-9pm M
AR313 Printmaking II Murphy 6-9pm T
AR400 Senior RFT Toth 1-4pm W