Alumni News

We hope that you are enjoying life out in the real world!  The Art Department is interested to know what you have been up to since Graduation.  We are planning, in the coming year, to do some extensive marketing work and re-envisioning of our Studio program.  To that end, we are very interested in your feedback, not only about what you are doing now, but what components of your work at Wagner helped prepare you for that, and what additional components you think could be added to the program.

Part of the redesign will feature graduate news about current projects and perspectives.  We would like to invite you contribute.  Come in to campus for a video interview to be a featured graduate on the website! Or, submit a short paragraph about what you have been doing in the real world - art or non-art related, or perhaps a recent photo of art work you have been working on!

We would love to hear what you have been creating!