Shani Carter

Associate Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3462 shani.carter@wagner.edu Campus Hall 220

Dr. Carter is an Associate Professor of Business teaching Strategic HRM, Entrepreneurship, Org Behavior, International Business, and TQM.

Donald Crooks

Associate Professor/Chair, Business Administration

Director of Graduate Business Programs, Business Administration

718-390-3429 dcrooks@wagner.edu Campus Hall 225

Department Chair, Director of Accelerated M.B.A and Executive M.B.A. programs.
Certified Black Belt Lean/Six Sigma

Frank DeSimone

Associate Professor, Business Administration

718-420-4491 frank.desimone@wagner.edu Campus Hall 216

Director of Senior Learning Community & Business Experiential Learning

Ken Ellis

Adjunct Professor, Business Department

ken.ellis@wagner.edu Campus Hall 229

Joseph Ferrantelli

Professor of Practice, Business Department

jferrant@wagner.edu Megerle Room 121

Peg Horan

Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3437 phoran@wagner.edu Campus Hall 221

Director of Graduate Accounting Program

Richard LaRocca

Assistant Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3427 richard.larocca@wagner.edu Campus Hall 230

Mary Lo Re

Professor, Business Administration

718-420-4127 mlore@wagner.edu Department for Lifelong Learning, 2nd Floor

Director of Graduate Programs, Marketing

Michael Mahoney

Assistant Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3434 michael.mahoney@wagner.edu Campus Hall 219

Director of Traditional MBA Program

John Moran

Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3255 jmoran@wagner.edu Campus Hall 227

Prentis Nolan

Professor of Practice, Business Department

pnolan@wagner.edu Campus Hall 229

Edward Strafaci

Visiting Professor, Business Department

718-390-3386 edward.strafaci@wagner.edu Campus Hall 229

Edward J. Strafaci is a Visiting Professor and Director of Experiential Learning. He holds degrees in Accounting , Economics and Finance .

Cathyann Tully

Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3439 cathyann.tully@wagner.edu Campus Hall 224

Professor of Finance & Director of Undergraduate Business Program

Ian Wise

Assistant Professor, Business Administration

718-390-3438 ian.wise@wagner.edu Campus Hall 215

Ian Wise is an Assistant Professor in the Business Administration Department. His focus is on International business, finance and accounting

Arleen Wilk

Administrative Assistant, Business Administration

718-390-3447 awilk@wagner.edu Campus Hall 223

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