Dr. Richard N. LaRocca

Richard_LaRocca-5_webAssistant Professor in Finance

Office: 230 Campus Hall


Email: richard.larocca@wagner.edu

Teaching Interests: Portfolio Theory, Forecasting, Economics, Investments

Research Interests: International Corruption, Ethics, Entrepreneurship

Biography: B.S. in Finance and Economics, Boston College Carroll School of Management, 1989; M.B.A. Finance, St. John's University; D.P.S. in Finance and International Economics, Pace University Lubin School of Business, 2012.


LaRocca, Richard, “Assessing the Political and Socio-Economic Impact of Corruption Among Nations”,  International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change, Pending publication, 2013.

LaRocca, Richard, “The Corruption Factor: How Public Sector Employees Influence the Tide”,  International Journal of Society Systems Science, 2012.

LaRocca, Richard, “Corruption, Income Disparity, and the Burden of Personal Taxation on Nations’ Public Sector Employees”,  Northeast Business and Economics Association Conference, 2010.

LaRocca, Richard, “Consequences of Family Relationship: The Management of Conflict within Family Businesses during Moments of Crises and Change”,  Eastern Academy of Management Proceedings, 2009.