Director’s Message




Welcome to the Wagner College MBA website and the beginning of the next step in your career. We at Wagner are very mindful of the options you have before you in the quest for an advanced degree and promise to offer you one of the most Personalized MBA Programs in existence. We expect you to investigate fully all of the available MBA programs and want to make sure that you choose the one that is best for your needs.

After more than three decades in senior management roles in the corporate world I know the importance of the ‘customer’s needs and wants’. As Director I personally conduct all information sessions and act as mentor and advisor to all MBA students, and this does not end at graduation. Throughout the year I stop by all of our classes and the students have access to my personal cell phone number.

Our professors are dedicated to being responsive to your needs and are there to help you in your studies outside the class. A beautiful campus on a hill overlooking the Verrazano Bridge is the sight of your next academic experience. Wagner was voted the “Most Beautiful Campus” in America by the Princeton Review in 2005.
As a small school we offer maximum class size of 20 students to ensure a more intimate learning experience. Every effort is made to accommodate our students with an understanding of their professional needs. Late hours for our computer lab, library and fitness center along with a dedicated Graduate Writing Center highlight the amenities offered to our candidates. At Wagner you can attend classes on Saturdays and we now offer foreign study as an option in all of our MBA programs.

Wagner College is one of the leading institutions in the country in regard to student Internships and this extends to our Graduate Programs. The goal of the college is to provide ‘practical knowledge’ in a changing world. All of our classes include ‘what if’ scenarios in the case studies and those studies are all based on current issues. This is a reflection of our Preemptive and Proactive approach to problems and solutions.

From online registration to campus parking we strive to make the learning experiences as user friendly as possible. The programs are constantly reviewed and updated through input from our Business Advisory Council (BAC) and extensive MBA alumni networking system. You are invited to visit Wagner and sit in on one of our Graduate courses and I will personally escort you around campus and introduce you to the college where ‘MBA means Business,’ and our only business is our students.

Dr. Donald L. Crooks  Director of Accelerated & Executive MBA Programs

Dr. Michael Mahoney  Director of Traditional M.B.A. Program