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Bursar’s Office

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JoAnn Esposito

Bursar, Finance & Business Cunard Hall, 1st Floor

Margaret Kleis

Assistant Bursar, Finance & Business

718-390-3262 Cunard Hall, 1st Floor

Julia Larsen

Student Accounts Cashier, Finance & Business

718-390-3167 Cunard Hall, 1st Floor



John Carrescia

Vice President, Finance & Business

718-420-4264 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Jenna Ward

Controller, Finance & Business

718-420-4533 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Lana Flotteron

Director of Budgeting & Reporting, Finance & Business

718-390-3176 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Chelsea LoIacono

Compliance Accountant, Finance & Business

718-420-4154 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Diane Blum

Investment Accountant, Finance & Business

718-390-3260 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Victoria Kruse

Payroll Accountant, Finance & Business

718-420-4371 Cunard Hall - 2nd Floor

Elizabeth Dunn

Payroll Staff Accountant, Finance & Business

718-390-3234 Cunard Hall - 2nd Floor

Steven Solli

Staff Accountant, Finance & Business

718-390-3419 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Katherine Formica

Accounts Payable Accountant, Finance & Business

718-390-3168 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Alexis Huff

Administrative Assistant to the VP, Finance & Business

718-390-3315 Cunard Hall, 2nd Floor

Nicole Ferrone-Russo

Staff Accountant, Business & Finance


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