About Peer Tutoring

Who: Students are tutored by upper year students who have been carefully selected and trained to assist undergraduate students with specific subjects, assignments or projects. Not every student who applies is hired as a peer tutor. Peer Tutors undergo ongoing training on a monthly basis.

What: Peer tutoring is a program to help students with additional assistance in academic subjects. Tutoring sessions are appointment based and peer tutors decide how many or few hours they will work every week. It is possible to be a peer tutor in addition to another position on campus.

Where: Tutoring is provided around campus on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. Peer Tutoring can take place in Department study lounges, the library, and the residence hall lounges.

When: Apply today!  To complete your application you will need a faculty recommendation. Please have a professor who knows you well complete the faculty recommendation form. A recommendation from a member of the Wagner College faculty in the subject you wish to support is required to be hired by the Peer Tutoring Program. 

15 minutes - online student application
5 minutes - faculty recommendation
30 minutes - interview Over the summer months interviews are held via Google hangout or Skype. 
30 minutes - financial aid ppwk - Cunard Hall
30 minutes - initial training - After training the student's information is listed online
Ongoing: 1-1.5 hours / month paid - peer tutor training

Why: Do you have what it takes? We’re looking for students who have completed the core courses within their major. Successful peer tutors are students with compassion, a passion for helping others; they possess the abilities to discern individuals' needs, and have the desire and ability to make a difference.

Current and past peer tutors on why they love their job:

Melanie for web

Melanie Krongold headshot

Melanie Krongold:

What interested me in being a peer tutor was the opportunity to share what I love learning with other students.

I love peer tutoring because it presents the challenge of explaining difficult topics in a way that other students, many who are taking these courses for the first time and have little background, are able to understand and enjoy. I also enjoy reviewing many of these topics because it helps me to retain much of the information I have learned throughout my time as an undergraduate.

My position as a peer tutor has helped me with skills such as problem-solving and communication, and I hope to use these skills as I transition into graduate school.


Julia Loria headshot

Julia Loria:

What interested me to become a peer tutor at Wagner was my passion for languages and learning. I believe that one of the most beautiful things is to be able to share knowledge and passion. Through my nomadic childhood I had the privilege to go around the world and connect with various types of people which gave me the initiative to make my personal goal to bridge cultures so that everyone can appreciate their differences.

Being a French and Spanish peer tutor at Wagner gave me the opportunity to bridge cultures. I love being a peer tutor as learning is infinite and being a tutor taught be so much from the other peer tutors, from the students I tutor and from the faculty. In addition I loved being challenged to think of different ways to explain material to different people. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to watch so many different students from different backgrounds grow and improve.

I believe my position, as a peer tutor will help further grow my adaptability skills when I go into the workforce. Adaptability skills are very vital as in the workforce you need to be able to adapt to different situations, different tasks and different people. I am very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to continue my journey as a peer tutor.

International Cafe

Juliana Schipani headshotJuliana Schipani:
I became interested in being a peer tutor because I wanted to share my knowledge of microbiology and to help others appreciate the world of microbes.

My favorite part about being a peer tutor is the look on a student's face when they finally comprehend the information. When everything finally makes sense after reviewing and answering tons of questions, it is wonderful to see everything come together and finally make sense to someone who had such trouble grasping the concepts before tutoring.

Being a peer tutor will help me in the future because I have learned how to approach problems from different angles. Every person I work with has a different way of learning so I need to find a method to teach them the information in a way that they can understand. I have also learned leadership qualities and patience during my time as a tutor.

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Alicia Chemin, Exchange Student from France Alicia Chemin, Exchange Student from France

"Sharing my culture!

Ellen Huffman Ellen Huffman "Peer tutoring has been an awesome way to give back to students. It's challenging and requires a lot of analytical skills in order to approach situations in the best way for each individual student, but it's great seeing them progress. It has also been mutually beneficial for me, in that I learn new concepts each time I review the material with other students. "
Laura Carroll Laura Carroll "Tutoring is an awesome way to help other students while also reviewing other material and helping yourself."
Katie Dion Katie Dion "Seeing kids succeed!"