Writing Intensive Tutor (WIT) Contact List

Erika Maikish


718-420-4080 erika.maikish@wagner.edu
Specialty: Personal Statements

Elise Begg

Writing Intensive Tutor


Elise is a Business major with a concentration in Marketing. She is on the women’s water polo team.
Specialty: Brainstorming and Outlining

Jordan Gonzales

Writing Intensive Tutor


Jordan is a dual major in Art History and Anthropology.
Specialty: Brainstorming and Thesis Statements

Kimberly Landstrom

Writing Intensive Tutor

Kim is dual majoring in History and International Affairs. She likes reading, writing, petting cats, and learning about historical figures.

Leslie Lopez

Writing Intensive Tutor

Leslie is a double major in English and International Affairs. She is involved in the school's newspaper and the Bonner Leader Program.

Meagan Naso

Writing Intensive Tutor


Meagan is an English major.
Specialty: Editing and Grammar

Dan O'Neill

Writing Intensive Tutor


Dan is a Business Administration major with a focus in Accounting. He is a member of the Wagner football team.
Specialty: Freshman LC Papers and Senior Theses

Madison Ruff

Writing Intensive Tutor


Madison is a English major originally from Southern California. She hopes to teach ESL in Spain after earning her MA in Education.
Specialty: Freshman LC Papers and Brainstorming

Jaclyn Sceusa

Writing Intensive Tutor

Jackie is an English major with a Business minor. She hopes to attend Law School.

Lauren Sellers

Writing Intensive Tutor

Lauren is a Design Technology & Management major.

Deryn Susman

Writing Intensive Tutor


Deryn is a Childhood Education and Theater dual major who is passionate about special education, reading, and flowers.
Specialty: Research, Reflection, and Brainstorming

Shawn Westcott

Writing Intensive Tutor


Shawn is an Arts Administration Major with a concentration in Combined Arts and a minor in Film and Media Studies.
Specialty: Editing and Grammar

L. Elise Whisler

Writing Intensive Tutor


Elise is a Physics major hoping to minor in English, Education, and Mathematics.
Specialty: Thesis Generation