Writing Intensive Tutor (WIT) Contact List

For immediate assistance, contact Dr. Marc Napolitano: email: marc.napolitano@wagner.edu or call: 718-420-4080

Elise Begg

Writing Intensive Tutor


Elise is a business major with a concentration in marketing. She is on the women’s water polo team.
"Writing is my go to outlet. Just putting words on paper helps me visualize and understand how I feel and what I need to do. Writing helps me collect and express my thoughts in a tangible and orderly fashion right in front of me, which can be the greatest stress reliever."

Sarah Collier

Writing Intensive Tutor


Laura DiSarro

Writing Intensive Tutor


Jordan Gonzales

Writing Intensive Tutor


Sarah Hasselberger

Writing Intensive Tutor


Sarah is an arts administration major. She is the Standards Chair of Tau Kappa Sigma, and Secretary for the Panhellenic Council.
"Writing is a way for me to express the many thoughts that I constantly have zooming around inside of my head. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I turn to writing. Even if my words and ideas don’t make sense at first, writing allows me to coordinate them."

Kimberly Landstrom

Writing Intensive Tutor


Kim is dual majoring in History and International Affairs. She likes reading, writing, petting cats, and learning about historical figures.
"Writing, to me, is a way to express feelings. Academic or creative, you are taking words with denotations and connotations to create something of your very own. The ability to express, to organize, and to present my own feelings is truly great."

Leslie Lopez

Writing Intensive Tutor


Cassidy Miller

Writing Intensive Tutor


Meagan Naso

Writing Intensive Tutor


Dan O'Neill

Writing Intensive Tutor


Dan is a junior Business Administration major with a focus in Accounting and is a member of the Wagner football team.
"Writing is a way for me to express my thoughts in an organized fashion that is not necessarily possible through standard conversation. Beyond its essential educational value, writing is a way to organize, understand, and present thoughts, feelings and opinions."

Madison Ruff

Writing Intensive Tutor


Madison is a senior from Southern California. She looks forward to contributing to the ESL component of the tutoring program.
"Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and views not only eloquently and succinctly, but also creatively, is like having a superpower in a world full of verbal confusion. Writing is the most effective form of communication because it requires you to truly articulate your thoughts."

Jaclyn Sceusa

Writing Intensive Tutor


Jackie is an English major with a business minor. She hopes to attend Law School after her four years here at Wagner.
"In my free time, I write as a creative outlet, which can be quite therapeutic. I also write to organize my thoughts. Finally, writing is a crucial aspect to my studying process since it helps me to focus and memorize more thoroughly."

Lauren Sellers

Writing Intensive Tutor


Deryn Susman

Writing Intensive Tutor


Deryn is a Childhood Education and Theater dual major who is passionate about special education, reading, and flowers.
"There is a certain magic that revolves around the conveyance of written ideas. So much has happened to get those words onto the paper before us, and it is never fully appreciated. The power of writing can drive humanity."

Shawn Westcott

Writing Intensive Tutor


Shawn is a sophomore Arts Administration Major with a concentration in Combined Arts and minor in Film and Media Studies.
"Writing is a way to substantiate the millions of thoughts racing through your mind. Whether said thoughts are creative, factual, concrete, or abstract, these thoughts are yours and you can take ownership of them by by writing them down."

L. Elise Whisler

Writing Intensive Tutor


Elise Whisler is a sophomore physics major hoping to minor in English, education, and mathematics.
"There is a note in the Writing Center which reads "I write because I am," calling in Descartes's phrase "I think therefore I am." Writing allows me to organize new thoughts and synthesize new arguments. Taking the disorder of thought and providing a matrix for thought to grow."

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