Co-Curricular Competency Program

At Wagner College, we are committed to the practical liberal arts and believe that learning is not limited to a classroom setting, but rather extends through all of your experiences.  To help you harness the power of these experiences, we are offering the Wagner Plan for Co-Curricular Competency.  The Co-Curricular Competency program (CCCP) allows you to chart your own course for a unique and personalized leadership experience.

If you apply and are selected to participate in this innovative program, you will benefit from closely tailored professional coaching that gives you the chance to explore areas of deep personal interest.  The program combines the benefits of personal interaction and guidance, while harnessing the power of technology to give you the best of both worlds.  As you journey towards proficiency in the area of your choosing, your e-portfolio, written reflection, and oral presentation will help shape you.  You will find that upon graduation, your experiences in the CCCP will help you stand out among other college students.

The Competencies

The competencies are a set of essential learning out comes that have been developed by higher education professionals and business leaders, addressing the skills and knowledge needed for success in the 21st century.  The Co-Curricular Competencies have been selected from these essential learning outcomes, and are listed below:

The Elements of the Co-Curricular Competencies Program

  • Students will engage in activities on and/or off-campus, separate from work done for a course
  • Students will assemble evidence and an essay in an e-portfolio
  • Students will review and edit the e-portfolio with feedback from the coach
  • Students will compose a 5-paged reflective essay called a "citizenship autobiography"
  • Students will present the reflective essay and the e-portfolio to a panel that includes a student, an administrator, and a faculty member

Benefits of the C0-Curricular Competency Program

  • Professional 1 on 1 coaching that will help you focus, set goals, break those goals into manageable tasks, hold you accountable, and support you on your way to achieving competency
  • Your e-portfolio will help you make connections between your curricular and co-curricular education and increase the effectiveness of your learning, as well as help showcase your experiences and abilities
  • Completion of your written reflection requires  you to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences and learning while critically assessing new knowledge
  • Your oral presentation will help you fine tune your everyday verbal and non-verbal skills; the resulting fluency will help set you apart from others in the same field


Forms and Resources for CCCP Participants