Distinguished Professor of Civic Engagement & Leadership

“…Unlike those who write about conventional leadership, Preskill and Brookfield challenge the dominant paradigm of hierarchal leadership—that leadership must be serial, individual, and ruthless in its pursuit of desired goals to be effective. Rather they argue that leadership is collaborative, compassionate, and often times facilitative.”
-Terrell L. Strayhorn reviewing Learning as a Way of Leading: Lessons from the Struggle for Social Justice

Dr. Stephen Preskill


 As Professor of Civic Engagement and Leadership in Wagner College’s Center for Leadership and Engagement, Stephen Preskill helps to advance Wagner’s commitment to community-engaged teaching and scholarship, and plays a significant role in supporting student participation in community-based activism and leadership development. He also helps to support the strategic initiatives of the Port Richmond Partnership.  Additionally, he is the campus coordinator for Project Pericles, the co-coordinator for Imagining America, and co-director of Wagner’s Bonner Leaders program. He is the co-writer of three books as well as the author of numerous articles, book reviews, and op-ed pieces. He teaches in Wagner’s First Year Program and the Intermediate Learning Community and has taught courses focusing on Democracy and Public Life, Childism or The Exploitation of Children, African American Narrative, Global Poverty, and the Foundations of American Education. He is passionate about democracy and its potential to transform colleges and communities.