Directory pages

Directory pages

The profile shortcode should be used for pages that list the faculty in a department, or the staff or administration in an office. Each box can link to another page, usually a more in-depth profile.


When you're in a page editor, click the shortcode icon next to "Add Media." Select "profiles," then "Wagner profile." Enter all the information as required, and either upload a portrait photograph or select an image that is already in your media library. Note: This must be a vertical photo. Once all the information is complete, select "Insert Shortcode." That's it!

Instructions for inserting a directory shortcode

The inserted shortcode will look something like this:

[wagnerprofile name="Anna Mulé" title="Director of Digital & Social Media" emailaddress="" phonenumber="718/420-4468" location="Reynolds House, 3rd floor" link="/hawktalk" imageurl="" ]Manages websites, HawkTalk student blog, social media platforms, photography and video production.[/wagnerprofile]

You can cut and paste this entire bit into different parts of your page. Just be sure to grab the [brackets] and everything in between. If you need to edit the content, you can replace any text in bold in the example above. Be careful not to delete any quotes or brackets. You could alternatively start from the beginning with a new shortcode. Once you publish the page, that shortcode turns into this:


Student Profile

You can create student profiles that should be used for pages that list students.  Each box can link to another page, usually a more in-depth profile. You create one of these student bio's the same way as a Faculty Profile.  You can indicate the student's name, email, major, involvement, and what they love about Wagner.  They will look like this:

Will Shakespeare
Will Shakespeare Stratford, Maine


Writing Club, Wagner College Theatre, The Wagnerian
Will loves the small class sizes.