Accounting Assistant Certificate

This Accounting Assistant program helps you develop strong communication and quantitative skills while becoming acclimated with accounting details and ethics. The Accounting Assistant profession is one of the largest growth occupations in the economy, according to the most recent U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. This intensive professional Certificate course prepares you for work as an accounting clerk, bookkeeper, or auditing clerk. Successful graduates will receive a Certificate and will have the skill set needed to work with CPAs, large corporations, small businesses, or as an independent contractor.

This program provides training in these areas:
• specialized accounting software
• methods of recording business transactions
• preparation of financial statements
• completion of business tax forms
• double-entry accounting principles
• inventory methods
• maintaining accounts receivable and payable
• calculating depreciation
• keeping payroll records and completing payroll forms
• establishing accounting assistanceship as a personal service business

Tuition: $1295 (Textbook not included.)

Required Text: College Accounting, 10th Edition (Chapters 1—12) and Using QuickBooks Pro 2010 for Accounting (with CD-ROM), 9th Edition by Bille McQuaig, et al.

This course is currently offered online. Call 718-390-3221 for more information or to register.

Spring Session 2015

March 16 - May 17

Summer Session 2015

May 25 - July 24

Fall Session I 2015

August 3 - October 4

Fall Session II 2015

October 12 - December 11