Group Exercise Instructor Certification

Experience a group exercise course like no other! Nine weeks of intensive training will help you to develop skills for leading a group of exercisers. Passing this group exercise course will provide students with a national group exercise certification and skill set for employment in private & public fitness centers. The written and practical exams are included in this course on the 9th week. A required internship will help you network into one of the biggest growing departments of the fitness industry. 36 CECs/3.6 CEUs

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the evolution of group exercise.
  • Conduct health-screening assessments appropriate for a group exercise environment.
  • Determine appropriate and safe exercise movements & intensities.
  • Apply principles of group cohesion to group exercise.
  • Safely, incorporate music and sound into a group exercise program.
  • Describe the basic anatomy as it applies to each class format.
  • Correctly cue, perform, monitor and design exercises for a group setting.
  • Demonstrate warm up and cool down movements and stretches.
  • Apply principles and methods of group exercise to alternative formats such as sport conditioning, functional training, indoor cycling, kickboxing, step aerobics, equipment-based classes, and lifestyle type classes.
  • Demonstrate motivational strategies to encourage group exercise participation.
  • Create, demonstrate, and lead a group exercise class with personality, safety, technique, & an expansive knowledge base.

March 25 - May 22
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Tuition:$799 (Textbook not included.)


Required texts:
Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, 2nd Ed. by Carol A. Kennedy & Mary M. Yoke
Concepts of Physical Fitness: Active Lifestyles for Wellness, 16th Ed. by Gregory Welk, William Corbin and Karen Welk