Nutrition & Sustainability



Health and wellness is important to us! With the help of our Registered Dietitian and feedback from our guests, we are striving to continue to provide a nutritious and well-balanced dining program. As you begin your studies, don't forget the important role good nutrition plays in your study habits. Eat regularly, choose healthy options, and do your best to limit sugar, fast food, junk and caffeine. Your brain will thank you for making healthier choices!


Balanced U was developed to help today's students find reliable health and nutrition information for their busy lives. The Balanced U subjects provide information relevant for activities and interests of young adults across the country and include Power and Energy, Healing and Immunity, Brain Boosting, Metabolism Boosting and more. As members of the educational community, feel free to learn more about nutrition with the Balanced U newsletters below!


Brain Boosters Newsletter

Earth Friendly Foods Newsletter

Sustainability - Better for You

Wagner Dining Sustainability Commitment

With education as the primary focus of our business activity, Wagner Dining is committed to fostering and promoting sustainable business principles to our clients and customers.  Our associates will lead by example through activities that minimize our impact on the environment by practicing the 3Rs, with a primary focus on reduction.  Our programs will include the necessary information to encourage informed choices on both the food we conserve, and the ways we interact with the natural environment.  Charitable donations, funding scholarship and bursaries, and active volunteerism by our associates are just some of the ways that Wagner Dining re-invests in our communities.
Wagner Dining sustainability initiatives focus on four key areas:
Minimize our impact on the environment with primary focus on REDUCTION.  Our approach is to bring awareness and education and implement the best practices viable for waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and pollution control.
Purchasing Initiatives
Encourage responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chains.  Our purchasing initiatives provide food choices which celebrate flavor, affirm cultural traditions and support local communities. This includes local purchasing, fair trade coffee and sustainable seafood programs.
Support and encourage charitable initiatives and community reinvestment with associates and partners corporately and locally where we do business.
Nutrition & Wellness
Provide programs and education that foster and promote healthful, productive workplaces and communities for the benefit of our associates and guests.  Program includes Balanced U, our healthy lifestyles nutrition program, and healthy work place reward and development program.
Zero Trans-Fat
All oils used in our kitchens are zero trans-fat.
Ocean Friendly Seafood
We use only seafood that is either a best choice or good alternative according to the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program.
Cage-Free Eggs
We only use cage-free shell eggs in our kitchens.
rBGH Milk
Our milks are certified to be free of rBGH and rBST.
Antibiotic Free
Our chicken products are antibiotic free.
Disposable Packaging
Our disposable packaging is made from renewable resources.
Fair Trade Certified Coffee
We feature fair trade, triple certified organic shade grown coffees.
Local Flavor
We collaborate with local producers to provide fresh food options whenever possible.
By not using trays, we are using less water and chemicals and reducing waste.
Wagner Dining offers Cage Free Shell Eggs when possible and uses only Zero Trans Fat Oils.  We also serve sustainable seafood, antibiotic free poultry and milk that has no artificial growth hormones.