Faculty and Staff

Jason Fitzgerald

Assistant Professor, Education

718-420-4129 jason.fitzgerald@wagner.edu Campus Hall 319

Expertise in social studies education, the role of language in historical inquiry, and civic learning.

Rhoda Frumkin

Associate Professor, Education

718-390-3455 rhoda.frumkin@wagner.edu Campus Hall 320

Expertise in literacy and literacy acquisition for diverse learners, special education, service learning, and teacher preparation.

Ann Gazzard

Associate Professor/Chair, Education

718-390-3463 agazzard@wagner.edu Campus Hall 325

Expertise in critical & creative thinking, philosophical inquiry/discussion; emotional intelligence & child emotional development.

Katia Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Education

718-420-4082 katia.gonzalez@wagner.edu Campus Hall 329

Expertise in curriculum design, culturally responsive practices, early childhood, intellectual disabilities and autism.

David Gordon

Assistant Professor, Education

718-390-3472 david.gordon@wagner.edu Campus Hall 323

Expertise in special education concentrating on educational access and equity experiences for children with chronic health conditions.

Carin Guarasci

Director of New Educators at Wagner, Education

718-420-4486 carin.guarasci@wagner.edu Campus Hall 318

Directs the New Teacher Academy

Jennifer Lauria

Associate Professor, Education

718-420-4423 jlauria@wagner.edu Campus Hall 321

Expertise in childhood education, differentiation, educational technologies, teacher preparation and professional development for educators.

Adjunct Faculty


Lauren Arculeo

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 lauren.arculeo@wagner.edu

Danielle Arena

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 danielle.arena@wagner.edu

Anthony Cosentino

Adjunct Faculty, Education


Cori Curylo

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 cori.curylo@wagner.edu

Libby Gershansky

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 libby.gershansky@wagner.edu

Timothy Hickey

Access Services Librarian, Library

Adjunct Faculty, Education


Access Services Librarian. Oversees Interlibrary Loan, Reserves, Circulation, and Copyright.

Anne Love

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Associate Provost for Assessment and Registrar, Registrar

718-420-4212 alove@wagner.edu Cunard Hall

Oversees campus-wide student learning assessment.

Gail Wangel

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 gail.wangel@wagner.edu

Elaine Wolchok

Adjunct Faculty, Education

718-390-3464 elaine.wolchok@wagner.edu



Suzanne D'Amato

Administrative Assistant, Education

718-390-3464 suzanne.damato@wagner.edu Campus Hall 331

Graduate Assistants

Christina Ernesto
E-mail: ace@wagner.edu

Dominique Dacchille
E-mail: education@wagner.edu

Meghan Duffy
E-mail: education@wagner.edu




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