Faculty and Staff

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  • Professor and Chair
    Campus Hall 332
    Expertise in education policy and reform, leadership, college access, organizational and system change, and school-community partnerships.
  • Associate Professor
    Campus Hall 320
    Expertise in literacy and literacy acquisition for diverse learners, special education, service learning, and teacher preparation.
  • Associate Professor
    Campus Hall 324
    Expertise in critical and creative thinking, philosophical inquiry and discussion, emotional intelligence and early childhood emotional deve
  • Assistant Professor
    Campus Hall 323
    Expertise in special education concentrating on educational access and equity experiences for children with chronic health conditions.
  • Associate Professor
    Campus Hall 321
    Expertise in childhood education, differentiation, educational technologies, teacher preparation and professional development for educators.

Adjunct Faculty

Lauren Arculeo
Student Teaching Supervisor
E-mail: lauren.arculeo@wagner.edu

Albane Ardoli
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: albane.ardoli@wagner.edu

Danielle Arena
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: danielle.arena@wagner.edu

Amanda Cortese
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: amanda.cortese@wagner.edu

Cori Curylo
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: cori.curylo@wagner.edu

Michelle D'Amour
Student Teaching Supervisor
Email: michelle.damour@wagner.edu

Dr. Louis DeLuca
Adjunct Faculty
Email: education@wagner.edu

Michelena DiBuono
Student Teaching Supervisor
Email: michelena.dibuono@wagner.edu

Libby Gershansky
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: libby.gershansky@wagner.edu

James Hickey
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: james.hickey@wagner.edu

Reneée Mazza
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: renee.mazza@wagner.edu

Samantha Siegel
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: samantha.siegel@wagner.edu

Gail Wangel
Student Teaching Supervisor
E-mail: gail.wangel@wagner.edu

Elaine Wolchok
Student Teaching Supervisor
E-mail: elaine.wolchok@wagner.edu


Graduate Assistants

Alanna Gibbons
E-mail: alanna.gibbons@wagner.edu

Gina Giglia
E-mail: gina.giglia@wagner.edu

Meg Marin
E-mail: megan.marin@wagner.edu

Caitlin McGregor
E-mail: caitlin.mcgregor@wagner.edu

Jillian Porrino
E-mail: jillian.porrino@wagner.edu

Melissa Zipf
E-mail: melissa.zipf@wagner.edu