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At Wagner, students have many opportunities to be engaged in civic life through curricular opportunities, community-based research, co-curricular programs, and efforts through CLCE programs. But what happens once students graduate? What structures are in place to support young people as they transition from life as students to professionals and leaders in their communities? One such support structure is a national network of colleges and universities through Citizen Alum.

Citizens Alum counters the image of alumni as primarily “donors” with a vision of them as also “doers.” Alumni are important contributors to an educated, democratic society–they help to build multigenerational communities of active citizenship and active learning. As Citizen Alum puts it, Doers, not (just) donors: Re-imagining alumni as civic professionals and stewards of place. For more information, visit

Citizen Alum: Aaron Winik ’05 MSEd ’09

"I've been able to embody the Wagner Plan. I know it's so important for us to be members of our local community and support the growth of those communities. I love the people here."
Citizen Alum: Jessica Lee ’09 MBA’13

"Find whatever you're most interested in, and whatever your passion is. I do just that."
Citizen Alum: Kevin Ferreira ’13

"Community work and what I love about it, it makes your blood boil. It gets you to the point where you're so angry about something that's going on... but at the same time it's that you get to struggle with other people to figure out how to turn it into something beautiful."
Citizen Alum: Nadia Lopez ’99

"You have to be selfless… It's not about the money, it's about the children."
Citizen Alum: Edward Nitkewicz ’86

"Wagner professors told me, "you're going to change the world, you're going to make a difference in this world"… Wagner equipped me to do that... my son has given me my direction."
Citizen Alum: Richard Negrin '88

Richard Negrin '88 is the Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia. "To me, success doesn't mean anything, unless you're improving someone else's life."
Citizen Alum: Robert Perretta MBA ’12

Robert Perretta, MBA ’12, created the non-profit "Rise Above Cancer" while also continuing his finance career with Citi. "Don't feel there's something that's too little that you can do… It doesn't matter how little of an impact you make, you're still making an impact. A small impact can turn into a big impact."
Citizen Alum at Wagner College

Learn about exceptional alumni who are civically engaged in their personal and professional communities.
Video thumbnail 1Citizen Alum: Aaron Winik ’05 MSEd ’09
Video thumbnail 2Citizen Alum: Jessica Lee ’09 MBA’13
Video thumbnail 3Citizen Alum: Kevin Ferreira ’13
Video thumbnail 4Citizen Alum: Nadia Lopez ’99
Video thumbnail 5Citizen Alum: Edward Nitkewicz ’86
Video thumbnail 6Citizen Alum: Richard Negrin '88
Video thumbnail 7Citizen Alum: Robert Perretta MBA ’12
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