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Olivia Pea -

Olivia has applied her love of photography to her service work within after-school elementary programs to improve art education within the North Shore community of Staten Island. She recently received a $2,000 scholarship for her work and was named a Digital Media Fellow of Imagining America.
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Featured Bonner
Danielle Allen -

During the summer, Danielle exemplified what a mentor would look like in her work at the 2015 Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy summer period.
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The Bonner Foundation has been playing a significant national role since 1990 in helping diverse groups of students to attend college and to engage in community-based service, research and advocacy. Bonner works with colleges to provide financial support for high-need students, while also giving them valuable public service experience. In addition, it helps to create a collaborative campus culture through its unique cohort model and four-year developmental co-curriculum that has a proven track record in fostering the personal and social responsibility of students.

There are two kinds of Bonner programs: Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders. Wagner has chosen to become a Bonner Leaders Program, which relies on Federal Work Study funds to support students’ extensive 300+ hour commitment to community service.  Bonner Leaders are expected to participate in an annual fall orientation to the Bonner Leader program, to perform 150 or more hours of community service each semester, and to meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for reflective seminars with other Bonner Leaders and the coordinators of the Bonner Program from the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement. Also, each year a few Bonner leaders from Wagner will be invited to attend Bonner’s annual national summit meeting for participating institutions.

Similar to the core commitments associated with the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Bonner has articulated six common commitments that they expect Bonner Leaders to exemplify. All Bonner Leaders should be aware of these commitments and strive to practice them. They are:

Community Building – “Establish and sustain a vibrant community of place, personal relationships and common interests”
International Perspective – “Develop international understanding that enables us to participate successfully in a global society”
Spiritual Exploration – “Explore personal beliefs while respecting the spiritual practices of others”
Social Justice – “Advocate for fairness, impartiality, and equality while addressing systemic, social, and environmental issues”
Diversity – “Respect and embrace the many dimensions of diversity in our private and public lives”
Civic Engagement – “Participate intentionally as a citizen in the democratic process, actively engaging in public policy and direct service”


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