Director of Writing


Dr. Anne Schotter, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of Writing

As of 2013, the Director of Writing is Dr. Anne Schotter, whose office is Parker Hall 3rd floor, phone (718) 390-3364, and e-mail

The director of writing

  • oversees all writing in the academic programs at Wagner College;
  • is responsible for instruction of faculty who deliver writing-intensive courses;
  • works with the director of the writing center; and
  • encourages writing across the curriculum.

Resources for writers and students needing help with writing can be found on the writing center’s website.

Statement from Ann Hurley, Director of the Writing 1998-2013

“The English Department strongly recommends that students write as  much as possible throughout their undergraduate studies.  We find the  regular practice of writing essential to the development of those skills  of retention, analysis, explication, inference and expression that are  fundamental to the professional challenges of modern living.  The  ability to analyze, research and explain is much in demand in law,  business, finance, education and government.  It is our experience that  students who have elected challenging course work involving extensive  writing have excelled on the gateway examinations for graduate school:  the GRE, LSAT, or GMAT.  The English Department thus strongly supports  writing both through our own course offerings and through courses across  the disciplines that require intensive writing.  The Director of  Writing can be consulted at any time by anyone for advice and assistance  in developing these essential skills.”