Faculty and Staff

English Department Contact: Parker Hall 313,  phone: (718) 390-3256, fax: (718) 420-4158


Alison Arant

Assistant Professor, English Department

718-390-3370 alison.arant@wagner.edu Parker Hall 310

Susan Bernardo

Professor/Chair, English Department

718-390-3372 sbernard@wagner.edu Parker Hall 311

Chair of the English Department
Academic Interests: Science Fiction, Ecocriticism, Victorian Fiction, Fairy Tales.

Ann Hurley

Professor, English Department

718-390-3363 ahurley@wagner.edu Parker Hall 312

Claire Jimenez

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

claire.jimenez@wagner.edu Parker Hall room 204

Claire Regan

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

718-390-3256 claire.regan@wagner.edu

Advisor to The Wagnerian

Anne Schotter

Professor, English Department

718-390-3364 aschotte@wagner.edu Parker Hall 315

Acting Chair

Jacob Shore

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

718-390-3256 jacob.shore@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Steven Thomas

Associate Professor, English Department

718-420-4523 steven.thomas@wagner.edu Parker 308

Sean Tommasi

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

sean.tommasi@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204

Marissa Carney

Department Secretary, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Secretary, Philosophy

Secretary, Religious Studies

718-390-3256 marissa.carney@wagner.edu Parker Hall 313

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