Requirements & Courses

How to Fulfill the Minor

Students must take a minimum of six approved courses. The minor is organized around three clusters. Students must take at least one course from each cluster to satisfy the interdisciplinary requirement of the film/media studies minor.

Students should consult the list of courses offered each semester. (There is a webpage for each semester.) To declare the minor, students must discuss the courses that have already taken and plan to take with the director of the film minor.

For information about the film major, please go to the Art Department's film and media program webpage.


Humanities: film studies courses that are humanities based and focus on the theory, criticism, and history of film and/or different national film traditions.

Social Sciences and Arts Administration: courses that approach the media either from a social science perspective or from a business perspective.

Visual Arts: courses on the production and creation of films and other forms of digital and/or photographic art making.

Please consult the list of courses offered each fall and spring semesters. Other courses, transfer courses, special topics courses, and courses taken abroad will be approved by the director on a case-by-case basis.