Requirements & Courses


A minimum of six courses from the list below. The list of courses is organized into three disciplinary clusters. Students must take at least one course from each cluster to satisfy the interdisciplinary requirement of the film/media studies minor.

The director will approve courses not listed below on a semester by semester basis.

Courses Which May Be Used to Fulfill the Minor in Film/Media Studies

Humanities: EN 230 (W) [Introduction to Film], EN 357 (I) [Italian Cinema] (cross-listed with IT 357 (I), FR 356 (I) [French Cinema: Retrogrades, Rebels, and Realists], HI 286 [On the Screen: Gender, Class, and Culture in Film], HI 322 [The History of Minorities in the Media], IT 357 I) [Italian Cinema], JR 373 [Ethics in Journalism], SP 230 (I) [Intimate Stories: the Short Film Genre], SP 314 (I) [Hispanic Cinema], TH 218 [History of American Film]

Social Sciences and Arts Administration: AA 460 [The Film Business], GOV 236 [Politics in Literature and Film], PS 249 [Psychology of Media], SO 257 [The Sociology of Television]

Visual Arts: AR 114 [Photography I], AR 130 [Digital Photography], AR 203 [Advertising Art I: Computer Design], AR 240 [Multimedia Production and Storytelling]; AR 303 [Advertising Art II:  Computer Design]

Other courses, special topics courses, and courses studied abroad to be approved on a case-by-case basis.