Government and Politics Faculty

  • Dr. Cyril Ghosh
  • Assistant Professor
    Main Hall Third Floor
    Cyril Ghosh’s research specializations include American Government, Political Theory, American Political Thought, Identity Politics.
  • Dr. Shaohua Hu
  • Associate Professor
    Main Hall Third Floor
    Prof. Hu’s areas of specialization include comparative and international politics in East Asia.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kraus
  • Vice Provost and Professor of Government and Politics
    Registrar/Cundard Hall
    Dr. Kraus's research interests include Health Policy and the Politics of Sports. .
  • Dr. Steven Snow
  • Associate Professor/Dept. Chair
    Main Hall Third Floor
    Prof. Snow has published research in “The Journal of Political and Military Sociology”, “Research in Political Economy”.
  • Dr. Abraham Unger
  • Assistant Professor and Director of Urban Programs
    Main Hall Third Floor
    Dr. Unger's research focuses on Business Improvement Districts and local democracy.