Government and Politics Faculty

Dr. Cyril Ghosh

Assistant Professor

718-390-3298 Main Hall Third Floor
Cyril Ghosh’s research specializations include American Government, Political Theory, American Political Thought, Identity Politics.

Dr. Shaohua Hu

Associate Professor

718-390-3192 Main Hall Third Floor
Prof. Hu’s areas of specialization include comparative and international politics in East Asia.

Dr. Jeffrey Kraus

Vice Provost and Professor of Government and Politics

718-390-3254 Registrar/Cundard Hall
Dr. Kraus's research interests include Health Policy and the Politics of Sports. .

Dr. Patricia Moynagh

Associate Professor

718-420-4492 Main Hall 45C

Director of Gender Studies

Dr. Steven Snow

Associate Professor/Dept. Chair

718-390-3351 Main Hall Third Floor
Prof. Snow has published research in “The Journal of Political and Military Sociology”, “Research in Political Economy”.

Dr. Abraham Unger

Assistant Professor and Director of Urban Programs

718-390-3297 Main Hall Third Floor
Dr. Unger's research focuses on Business Improvement Districts and local democracy.

Angela Caruso

Faculty/Department Secretary

718-390-3192 Main Hall 3rd floor