Spring 2014 Course Offerings

Course Number/Title


GOV103 American Government & Politics Unger 1-2:30 T/R MH7
GOV207 New York Politics Rivlin/Lachman 1-2:30 T/T CAMH333
GOV211 Public Administration Unger 9:40-11:10 T/M MH7
GOV213 The Presidency Ghosh 6-9pm T/MH11
GOV215 Law & Justice In America Ghosh 4:20-5:50pm M/W MH6
GOV230 Intro to Comparative Politics Snow 1-2:30 T/R MH44
GOV241 History & Politics of Israel Unger 9:50-12:50 F MH8
GOV249 The US in Latin America Snow 9:40-11:10 M/W MH44
GOV253 Politics of Terrorism Snow 11:20-12:50 M/W MH26
GOV272 Feminist Political Thought Moynagh 6-9pm W MH13
 GOV291ILC Special Topic: Gov/Politics African American Political Thought Moynagh 11:20-12:50 T/R CAMH104
 GOV313 Ethics and Public Policy Green 6-9pm R MH6
 GOV317ILC Civil Liberties & Human Rights  Ghosh/Gordon 11:20-12:50 T/R SPH4
 GOV350 International Political Economy Hu 1-2:30 M/W MH22
 GOV356 US-China Relations Hu 2:40-4:10 M/W MH22
GOV371 Modern Political Thought Moynagh 2:40-4:10 T/R MH11