A weekend in Simbal

This was one of the most excellent weekends I have experienced while I have been in Peru. On Friday after having a pretty rough day in the lab, we set off on our adventure to Simbal. Simbal is a "campo" community located about an hour up the mountains from Huanchaco (where we are currently staying). We had the opportunity on Saturday to travel up to another archaeologist's site and help out, which was greatly embraced. We sifted through back dirt and collected human remains for further analysis. It was so cool! I was like a kid in a candy shop the entire time. I just kept finding myself getting more and more excited. It was an awesome day which helped me realize that I love what I'm doing and it is always important to enjoy your work.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to hike another peak called Rio-Bar. It was an amazing hike! We traveled the 4 layers of what seemed to be this monster of a mountain. With each level that passed, starting from the ground floor, we snapped photos. It was an awesome and totally breathe-taking experience. It was quite a hike, and at some points pretty sketchy, but we were successful! It was a great weekend you can say the least.

To finish the weekend off we most likely will head to the Polleria, which is this awesome chicken joint. This place has the most amazing chicken I have ever tasted, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope all is well and will be sure to write again soon enough.

Be good,


Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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