Adventure by the Pacific

So this Memorial Day weekend, my family and I decided to take a short trip out to the coast of California to Monterey, California.  This was the second time that my family and I went to Monterey.  The last time we made a visit to Monterey was about two years ago, and we were excited to visit again!

Overlooking Pebble Beach

Monterey is famous for its beautiful scenery, fresh air, and relaxing atmosphere.  When you enter the city, you see a lot of people on bikes riding on the trails along the beach, families playing with their dogs on the grass lawns overlooking the ocean, and people driving around with their windows rolled down, laughing and talking, while waiting for their turn to continue on their way to their destination.  The last time my family visited, we chose to bike down the first bike trail we saw.  We also visited the Pier and took a short stroll along the beach.  This time, our family wanted to go on the famous 17-Mile Drive.  The 17-Mile Drive is known as one of the most scenic drives in the world.  Many people take their cars and drive along this trail, and have the option to run and bike along this path as well.  It runs through the suburbs of Monterey, through a city called Pacific Grove all the way to Pebble Beach.  During our time on the 17-Mile Drive, my family got to see wonderful sites of the Pacific coastline and parts of the Del Monte Forest.  After being at Wagner for one year, I had gotten used to the sites and splendor of the City.  Visiting Pebble Beach with my family and seeing the natural sites on the coast reminded me that a glorious city does not have to full of lights and sounds.

17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach area

One of my favorite moments of the trip was biking along the beach and a small part of the forest.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  It was sixty degrees and sunny with a slight breeze.  While I biked along the path, I could hear the birds calling to each other, the waves crashing against the rocks, hearing laughter from people on the beach, and the sound of the yelping seals warming themselves on the rocks.  I could not help but smile the whole time I was riding my bike, feeling the sense of freedom and peace the atmosphere brought me.

I must say that I had a great Memorial weekend with my family.  It was refreshing to spend some time at the beach and be able to smell the salty air of the coast.  This is one of my first adventures of the summer!  My next big adventure will be in eighteen days at my brother's wedding down in Orange County in Southern California.  It will be a life-changing and exciting experience for me, and I hope everyone will keep checking the blog for my next story!

Author: Lynn Tay

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