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Hey everyone,

I'm Bryan, I'm a first year student here at Wagner. One of the things that I do here on campus is I'm a student ambassador. Personally, I love it. I get to meet tons of new people all the time. Every Tuesday at 10am, I show up to Pape Admissions House to meet a few perspective students and their families and take them on a tour of campus. On this tour, I take them all over and answer all kinds of questions. As you could imagine, I get all the typical college campus questions; "how safe is it?" "how's the food?" "do boys and girls live together?" ...I get them all. I will say though, if you have a question in your head about a school, ask it. When you're on a tour of a campus, it is not the time to be shy. Potentially living somewhere is a big deal and any question you may have, needs to be answered. I give tours all the time where the perspective student barely says two words and their mother does all the talking. I mean, hey, I have no problem talking to parents about Wagner, I love Wagner, but I'd rather talk to the student! They're my potential classmate or something.. So when you're taking a tour, please, ask questions, that's what the person giving you the tour is for. So if any of you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will be more then willing to answer anything you want to know.

If you want to know what things are like on a regular day here on campus, follow me, and the rest of us on Hawk Talk on twitter! @HawkTalkBryan

-Bryan Grandison

And if any of you missed it, the best tour takes place Tuesdays at 10am....Hope to see you there!

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