Corpus Christie in Cuzco, Peru!!

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I have not realized that i picked the best month to study abroad in Cuzco, Peru. I had no idea there was so much going on in the month of june. It is legit the month of festivals besides the big one at the end of june called Inti Raymi. Well this past thursday I did not go to school because its holiday for everyone in Cuzco, it was Corpus Christie!! Now I did not know what this was until I looked it up and witnessed it myself what this great event was. I woke up very early this thursday to witness this event. Anyways, Corpus Christie is when all the local communities bring each a saint into the main plaza`s cathedral where they stay in for one night, on wednesday night, and then they are paraded around the plaza. I did not see wednesday evening when they had carried the saints inside but was there early morning to get a good seat. Now this may seem simple carrying a saint into a church but I did not mention that these saints are HUGE!!! they are carried by many people, mostly the men from the town they are respresenting, and carry them all the way into the main plaza. The event was beautiful, relgious, and well of course extremely crowded. It starts wednesday afternoon to all day thursday. Besides the event of Corpus Christie they serve a a special dish that day called Chiri uchu. Its a oombination of various foods but the platter is HUGE as well that could probablly feed 4 to 8 people depending how much you order. I did not try this dish because it contained a certain Peruvian delicacy, guinea pig. This platter contained not only guinea pig but also chicken, meat, potatoes, cheese, corn and much much more. Overall thursday was memorable and I am happy I got to witness such a beautiful event and it was worth the wake at 7 in the morning to see the saints coming out of the cathedral. I will be posting up some photos of this event really soon. Till next time.

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