Lynn Tay Part of NYC

Dental Impressions

Although Wagner College is a small school, it is a school with big opportunities. I am a biology major with a Pre-Dentistry concentration. As part of the Pre-Dentistry Society and Wagner College's Pre-Health program, I learn about many different opportunities to learn more about the profession that I am interested in.

Dental Impressions
My folder from the program and my dental impression!

Last Saturday morning, I joined many other members of the Pre-Dentistry Society to attend New York University's (NYU) Dental Impressions event. The morning began with a brief presentation by current NYU dental students who told us about what dental schools are looking for in potential students and the process of applying to dental school. Afterwards, the NYU Dental School Dean of Admissions described what she and the faculty are looking for in applicants. We learned that our GPA and the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) were not the only things that are considered in an applicant. They also look at extra-curricular activities and the personal statement as two crucial aspects of an application.

Pre-Dentistry Society Board Members
Pre-Dentistry Society Board Members at the Dental Impressions program at NYU.

After we listened to the presentations, we were taken to the lab where dental students learn how to make their first dental impressions of a model's teeth. We had the chance to make our own impressions and learn the process of how to make teeth impressions.

Making the Impression
Actually making the impression.

While we waited for our impressions to dry, we had a small "dental school fair" and ate lunch. Then we split up into two groups: one took a tour of the dental school, while the other group had mock interviews, then we traded places. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the dental school. I met college students who were interested in the same field who were from colleges and universities around the area. This event further solidified my resolve to keep pursuing this profession. The dental students told every one of us that dental school is tough, but as long as we have the passion for dentistry, we will be able to succeed.

In the spring, NYU will be offering this event again. Columbia University also started hosting their own Dental Impressions program, so I may try to attend their Dental Impressions event to see what Columbia University's Dental School has to offer, since it is only a ferry and a subway ride away from Wagner.