Finals Week

So wow... it's finally over (almost).

Since the last day of classes was on Monday, Wagner's been pretty quiet. Most people have been studying for their finals and doing take-home finals. I was pretty glad when one of my professors gave our class a take-home final, that is until I started working on it. It's turing out to be much longer and harder than the final would have been if he were to just give one in class. The past two reading days I've been working on that, which has not been fun. In my opinion, it's taking way too long haha.

Today started the first day of finals. I am "fortunate" enough to not have any finals today or tomorrow and all of mine are next week. I put fortunate in quotes because it's subjective whether or not you agree with me. Many people like to have their finals spread out over all of the final exam days so they can space out their studying. Other people enjoy having all of their finals as soon as possible so they can get all their studying done and over with and start their summer a little sooner. Personally, I enjoy having them later. This way, I am able to do my work these past few days along with today and tomorrow while other people are studying and taking tests. On Monday, I set goals for myself so that I know in advance what I want to get accomplished for each day. I'm hoping that I can get all of my assignments done by tomorrow. This way I can make a trip home tomorrow night to bring things from my room without worrying about finishing my work. Realistically, I'm falling behind a little on my goals so I'll probably have to also do some work on Saturday before the P.S.S. (Promising Students Society) formal. With all of that done, I can start studying on Sunday for my finals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

Author: bryan.grandison

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