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Getting to know Grace Zhang!

This post was written after an interview with Grace Zhang on September 12th, 2013

All the way from Irvine, California, Grace Zhang brings a spark of enthusiasm and spirit to Wagner College. Actively involved in many activities around campus, Grace is always keeping herself busy. She is involved with Up Til' Dawn, intramural sports, and the Wagnerian as a sports writer. On top of that, she is a HawkTalk Blogger, works as event staff, and is heavily involved in Greek Life as a sister of AΣA.1012444_10151580392371395_1203706735_n

When she was 5, she ventured from California all the way to the East Coast. Grace visited many areas including New York. Instantaneously, she fell in love. This trip was the first time she had ever experienced snow and we all know how beautiful New York City is in the winter time. Who could resist wanting to come out here to pursue their dreams? Grace couldn't! So she applied to 14 different schools along the east coast and ended up here, at Wagner College. Grace loves writing. In fact, Grace's dream job is to work as a sports journalist for NBC. One of the perks of her dream job would be getting to travel to and document the Olympics.

Now, here are some random facts about Grace. After spending her summer watching British television shows, Grace developed a liking for one word: Imbecile. She says that it makes her sound more sophisticated when insulting someone if she uses it.  If she was going to have a band, she would call it Golf Mellow Piekins. If you're wondering if she believes in Big Foot, she doesn't. If she could be any fictional character, she would be Hermione Granger. One of her favorite things to do in her limited amount of free time is to watch videos of Ellen on YouTube.

I think all of our readers can agree that they are excited to read Grace's blog posts. She will always have a lot of great stories and insights pertaining to all of the activities she is involved with.

Stay true,

Dillon Quinn