Doug Donato
Doug Donato

Getting to Know Veteran Hawk Talker Lynn Tay!

Hello Wagner! I am looking forward to being a part of the Hawk Talk team this year and bringing you some of the latest and greatest from Wagner College, Staten Island, and our great city of New York! My first post here is going to spotlight someone who some of you have been following all summer long while she was in Singapore...the Hawk Talk veteran Lynn Tay! I had the pleasure of talking with Lynn for a while and got to know her a little bit better. I hope you all learn a little more about her as well.

Lynn is a Bio Major and an English minor from Sacramento, California. She represents us on the swim team, where she does the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle...just one great part of her involvement here at Wagner!

While talking to Lynn, I was impressed by what she had to say about her career aspirations, as she aims to be an orthodontist. I was surprised when she told me this, but her reasons were inspiring! Lynn has worked with Operation Smiles since 7th grade. This is a medical charity organization that helps give kids around the world smiles who would not have access to the same care we are fortunate enough to have. Lynn loves to smile and laugh (as I quickly learned while talking to her), and her goal to help people smile is something that drives her to work hard here at Wagner where she is also a member of the Pre-Dentistry society.

I was talking to Lynn a bit about music as well, and she said her favorite type of music was "cheezy pop." I thought that was funny, but she said that she enjoys many types of music and loves to dance and move to music. After taking a dance class on jazz, she has gained a greater appreciation for the art form and has grown to appreciate many different styles (except screamo, of course).

We got to talking a bit about New York and Lynn was saying that she feels that the city is a wonderful place, however she misses driving as opposed to taking public transportation everywhere and appreciates the easier pace of suburban life. While she may not want to live here forever, Lynn will still enjoy going into the city to take advantage of our great location!

Finally, Lynn was talking about her Wagner experience and I was interested to learn that she has found a great mentor system here. Dr. Stearns has been a big influence on her, and Lynn feels as though she has gotten guidance and support from him that she could not get at a larger school where not as much attention is paid to individual students. It makes her proud to be a Seahawk and I am proud to be Hawk Talking with Lynn Tay!

Until next time Seahawks!